Saturday, August 03, 2013

Then and Now

Then and now


The other day I had a delightful surprise when I received a comment from Stuart Nimmo the son of my favourite photographer – Neil Nimmo who I worked with way back in the fifties.

Stuart - a writer and documentary maker who lives in Paris said:

Neil was indeed a very great success but always avoided his own publicity. Unfortunately he died 20 years ago, he had Parkinson's disease, but while I visited him we found planning his 1944 story a great project to tackle together.

 I know that he would be thrilled to hear that his photography is still appreciated, as I think it should be, as a photographer he had the two rare skills of being able to anticipate the exact split second when to trigger the shutter, and a rare ability with light and shade, his great hero was Rembrandt!

Neil was a RAF bomber pilot and on Easter Monday 1944 he was shot down over France by Hauptman Helmut.  Stuart has written a book Perilous Moonlight about his father's adventures and having read some of the reviews I can’t wait to download it to my Kindle.

Who knew the gentle humorous man I knew had been such a hero.  He would have been the last person to speak of it

See photos below. 


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Lovely, as ever!! xx