Thursday, August 08, 2013

She never promised me a Rose Garden

She never promised me a Rose Garden.

My mother was a bit of a tease.  I always wanted to visit the Garden of the Rose and as it was in the county where my son lived it seemed a strong possibility, but somehow we never managed it.  Often it was the wrong time of year.

Then my mother stopped off at her grandson’s en route to the States and couldn’t wait to tell me she had been taken to see this special place.  She almost crowedJ

When my long awaited granddaughter Alice was born I was so thrilled.  We already had two lovely grand sons but never having had a daughter I longed for a little girl and remembered what a special relationship I had had with my Grandma.

Mum refused to get old – she already had six grandchildren including two girls but she decided to skip a generation and pronounced herself Alice’s Grandma.

 I was appalled.

‘You’re not her Grandma you are her Great Grandma!’

Mum was not amused and things started to get a bit stormy but MTL, as usual, calmed things down – quite firmly – and it was decided that I was the Grandma and Mum was Granny May.  (Great Granny May I muttered.)
Twenty one years later I got my wish and Alice, her Dad and I spent a lovely morning there.

The Gardens were opened in 1963 by HRH the Princess Royal sister of George VI and aunt to our Queen.

 It was a hazy sunshine day – and past the garden’s zenith so I am a little disappointed with the photos and discarded quite a few.  Still there are worse ways to spend a morning than drifting round fragrant gardens with my son and granddaughter.  FinallyJ

“The gardens were recently re-built by Adam Frost Landscapes. Recent re-planting was by members of the Board of Directors with the help of the garden team. The roses forming the History of the Rose Collections come from all over the world. They are a living illustration of the development of roses and rose-breeding trends, past and present. The beds trace the development of rose breeding, following along the broad grass walk, from the Albas and Gallicas by the species border through to the more modern Hybrid Teas and Floribundas by the Presidents' Walk. They include examples of rare roses, bred in Britain but lost to cultivation here, which the Historic Roses Group of the Society has recently reintroduced from abroad.

See photo below


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I just came on here and there you are! Love this story about your it that she didn't like the connotation of "GREAT"?

I really loved your pictures, but of course, I wasn't there and didn't see what you saw. But, I LOVED what you shared with us.

My first trip to London,I went to---I think it is called----Queen Mary's Garden....The Roses were exquisite!!! I have to go back and look at that post....How lovely that you got to see this great garden with your son and Granddaughter Alice....She certainly is a great Beauty!

Ms Quotes said...

The stormy exchange between you and your mum made me smile. All good roses probably have the occasional thorn!

Granny Annie said...

My Ron loved my mother so much he would have taken her side over mine in any issue:)

Pat said...

Naomi and Ms Q: Mum refused to grow old. She was prepared to be known as grandma or granny but not anything that would give her age away.
God help anyone who sent a birthday card with 90 on it. I used to humour her over this but not when she was about to pass my granddaughter off as her own.
Years ago when she would visit me in my first marriage she and my then husband would go for walks and she was often taken for his wife - which I didn't mind at all.
She was a great old girl- insisted on emigrating to US aged 90. She had a whim of iron. God bless her.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I love the fact that there are societies and boards of directors making all this happen!

Haha, did your mum really try to pass off your granddaughter as hers? I know some shameless grandmas too...

Chef Files said...

Personally, I always find that the most beautiful of English roses are always to be found towards the south west. One in particular is never far from my mind.

Pat said...

GG: she really did and I was really cross.

Chef: well it's just great to know you are still around.

savannah said...

lovely story made even better by the idea of you being "appalled" by your mama's behavior!! you are one hellva a grand lady, sugar! ;) xoxoxox

Pat said...

Savannah: xoxoxox

lom said...

The story about you and your mom made me smile.

Máirtín Stíobhaird said...

Spending too much time in the sun hasn't diminished the pure charm that is Chef I see! :¬)


Pat said...

Map: I think he's mellowing:)