Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maybe now is the time to take the tablet?

I’m talking about the wi-fi thingy of course. 

On Monday S cleaned my office:  she knows not to touch the computer so before she came I gave it a good dust.  After she left my computer crashed.  I can’t believe it is still only Tuesday – it seemed days since I had contact with the cyber world.  It made me realise what a lifeline the computer is for me now; to visualise the person who is playing scrabble with you – to know you are in contact with a living breathing person and to get a response to something you have written is priceless

 Fortunately we had very lively discussions at the Lifeboat this morning encompassing racism, WW2, political correctness, Picts and Saxons so no time to fret.  After lunch with Joy- who didn’t make the meeting, I saw my beautician and bemoaned my computer predicament.
“Oh would you like my son to have a look at it?’
Yes please!

 The last time I saw him he was a dear little boy but now this leggy teenager escorted me up the lane sat in front of the monster; I plugged in and switched on, he pressed some button under the screen which I didn’t know existed and voila we had lift off.

 So knowing that this can happen any time a tablet seems like a good fall back plan.

What do you think?  I don’t really want a smart phone.


kenju said...

My daughter has an iPad and loves it. I know of others who have different brands and love them as well. It sounds like a good plan, Pat. I have missed our games!

Ms Quotes said...

Yes, a tablet is a good back up plan, or a lap top...the smart phone for the Internet is what I call a total emergency situation, as I find the screen too small and the keyboard is fiddly.

Anonymous said...

a tablet is a good back-up and you can use it to do all sorts of other things as well (apparently you can use it to control the TV!).

Pat said...

Judy: alas I still can't get lexulous to load up for me. I play just with you and John G.

MSQ: yes the same goes for me with regard to the smart phone - more so.

Pat said...

Rosneath: and watch films I believe - or maybe that's the new kindle.

John Greenwood said...

Pat, an i Pad is a good alternative, but I think there must be an underlying problem as to why Lexulous isn't working! Have you tried a system restore? x

angryparsnip said...

Yes, get a tablet.
A friend who hasn't touched the computer for years, it was her husbands. Got a tablet.
Her daughter who just moved to London bought her a cheap off brand tablet (why ?) has been using hers all the time. She loves it although I have to go over to help when it poops out.
So get one. What a good idea.
I love my smart phone but don't use it as much as one can and the way my children do.

cheers, parsnip

LL Cool Joe said...

I have an ipad for these situations which is connected to T Mobile. Well this is when I don't have the internet of course. Everyone raves on about ipads but I have to admit I'm not keen on it. I hate the keyboard, the fact it lays flat on the table when I like things at an angle etc. Saying that I am going to buy a keyboard for it next time I'm in the States, so maybe I'll change my mind then.

Pat said...

John: just tell me where to find system restore and I'll try it.
You are probably right about an underlying problem but as Scarlett said - I'll think about that tomorrow:)

Parsnip: I'm spending a few days with my Wiltshire son in September so it seems like a good idea to get it then.
I've got a granny phone which is fine for me.

Joey: that's useful to know. I feel the same about it lying flat.
Are you still away? It's not fair!

Marjolein said...

A tablet sounds like a good back-up! And if you're using it as a back-up for your computer it makes much more sense than getting a smartphone.

Chef Files said...

Test your knowledge dear lady, describe to me without the aid of Google exactly what the Pictish flag looks like. I have faith that you are not like your fellow countrymen and will get it right!

Exile on Pain Street said...

Welcome to internet addiction! It's the new yearning for the 21st century. Stay away from a smartphone. They're tough to navigate. Tablets are also difficult to type on, but will do in an emergency.

That's a nice photo of him! Approximately what year was that?

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Just something to think about, my dear: The iPad screen may be too
small....But, a laptop can really serve the same purpose AND, the screen is bigger and doesn't lie flat...PLUS, it has a keyboard. I have had a laptop now for about 7 or 8 months, because I just cannot sit at the desk top anymore---(Physical problems make it too uncomfortable....) I LOVE the way this has worked out, for me....
My Computer Wizard has me hooked up remotely to my Desk Top, and so EVERYTHING that I need is right at my fingertips---Literally....!!!
And, I have so much more physical comfort, it is just wonderful.
Hope your son can help you with all this, dear Pat....

rashbre said...

My mum uses an iPad more than she uses her main Windows computer. Email, catchup television, KIndle book reading, internet browsing, morning weather forecast, newspaper browsing, brainteaser type games (scrabble and the like), videoconferencing, you get the idea.

Here at rashbre central we have a large collection of computers, laptops, iPads and smartphones. Personally I prefer the laptop for regular blogging type use - ie with a proper keyboard. I do also have a nifty Logitech bluetooth keyboard for the iPad but I hardly ever use it.

If you travel around a lot then one that can work through the phone network (3G/4G) maybe worth considering. That way you are not dependent upon access to a WIFI node.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Yes, get a tablet, but don't assume that it has to be an iPad - have a go at a few different ones in the shop. They each work slightly differently, depending on the way that you think and work the differences may or may not be crucial.

(In her last job The Small Object of Desire had a "petting zoo" of bits of kit (tablets, laptops, different types of mice, trackballs and keyboard) that she used for online basics sessions she took around community centres and sheltered housing.)

Z said...

You can buy a cover for the face of the iPad that, when you open it, folds under to hold it at an angle for typing. Though, if you use it a lot, a keyboard is a good idea.
My friend Marian bought an iPad at the age of 94 and learned to use it. She'd never had a computer before, never used the internet. A year and a half on, she's pretty proficient. They're easier to master than laptops, I think.

Pat said...

Marjolien: that's what I think.

Chef - I cannot lie. Curiosity has got the better of me and I must google. Don't hold it against me.

Exile: the nearest I can guess is mid eighties when he would be in his fifties. He was 51 when we were reunited and I preferred his looks at 51 rather that at 21.

Naomi: lots to think about. # 1 son has been on at me for ages to get a laptop.

Pat said...

Rashbre: I obviously need to give this a lot of thought but it's quite fun to have a project.
I certainly don't want to experience again the bereft feeling of being unable to get online.

Kevin: my son is taking a day off whilst I am there. Guess what we'll be doing:)

Z: that's encouraging. There's hope for me yet:)

Chef Files said...

Sadly, in the year 830 - 834, Óengus mac Fergusa, the main man amongst the Picts, had his idea for a flag (the Saltire) stolen by the Protestant people of Alba who then bandied it about and declared it to be the flag of Scotland. Which is false. No true Celt would be seen beneath such a blue and white monstrosity unless he was wearing a leather apron, licking a toad and chanting about the all seeing blind eye. The Lion Rampant, a red lion on a yellow background is the true flag of Scotland. Sadly the English still believe that Mel Gibson version and the rest is merely faux history.

Pat said...

Chef: I never did warm to that Mel Gibson.

Chef Files said...

Aye hen, far too short to be a true Scot, eh?

LL Cool Joe said...

Just coming back on this one, yes my ipad has a cover that folds back but I still don't think it gives me enough of an angle. I also use an ibook pro, and I love it. It has a proper keyboard and you can tilt the screen at whatever angle you want plus you don't get the horrible finger prints all over it too. They drive me insane.

.... and nope I'm back in the UK, and have been for a while now. Back to work as usual I'm afraid!

Pat said...

Joey: glad you're back.
I'm trying to absorb all the info before I join my son later in September.

Nea said...

I've had an iPad for just over a year, thanks to work. It has lots of advantages, it's easy and quick to use and great when traveling, but it has taken me a while to get used to it and I still use my laptop for some things. Has anybody close to you got an iPad or tablet that you can spend some time playing around with?

Pat said...

Nea: close in heart but alas not in mileage. I'm not sure of the difference between an iPad and a tablet.