Monday, June 17, 2013

Out and About

Out and About

To avoid the frustration of finding blogger won’t post my photos with dialogue I’m doing then separately (hopefully).  Bear withJ

#1 The Isle of Arran – Scotland – MTL with his ever present yellow rucksack.

#2 A village on Arran? Corrie?  Goat Fell in background.

#3 Two charming Arran residents.

 #4 Sleepy Arran.

 #5 Goat Fell 2,866’.  Probably the last mountain we climbed – a relatively easy scramble.  Also known as the Mountain of the Wind.

Arran was such a beautiful place and we delighted in venturing out after dinner to spot the wild life: deer, seals and a golden eagle which excited me so much I lost one of my shoes, rushing in and out of the car.  The local Bobbies did their best but I never saw it again.  On the ferry boat we saw Billy Connolly with his mad eyes.

#6 Outside our cottage in Farnhill Yorkshire.  The other half of the village is Kildwick and you can see Kildwick church top left.  Round the corner was the village shop and P.O.  alas no more) with whom we shared a back yard.  The cottage had a stone roof. Behind the wall is the Leeds / Liverpool Canal and it was amusing to see disembodied heads floating past.

#7 I thought this old kettle which I found on Bossington beach - Somerset had a certain charm, but was discouraged from taking it home.

#8 MTL at Bossington.

#9 Greece – possibly Ithaca – oh why didn’t I label everything?  Note the famous Greek light.

#10 MTL –Ithaca with yellow rucksack.

Sorry I slightly beheaded MTL whilst scanning.  Emended photo lower down.


Kim Ayres said...

I'm fairly sure when I mentioned I was heading to Arran for a brief weekend away with Maggie a few years ago, you asked me to look out for your lost shoe. Unfortunately I didn't find it...

Pat said...

KIM: some friends had the same task as you and brought me back a stone they found - perfectly shaped like an old fashioned boot. I still have it.

Exile on Pain Street said...

#7 and #8 look like they were ripped from the pages from a J. Crew catalog. Once a model...

Marjolein said...

I hope to visit Arran one day. It looks lovely!

Mage said...

What beautiful country that is. Maybe one day we too could come to stay. And yes, he looked good with and without a head. :)

Rog said...

We are heading up that way in the Autumn - never been to Arran but it looks fabulous. Will keep eye out for shoe

Scarlet Blue said...

Beautiful memories, Pat.

Pat said...

Exile: J. crew?

Marjolein: you should definitely.

Mage: there are so many places in the UK you would love I'm sure. Scotland is so romantic.

Rog: thank you. It's white kid with a low heel and covered in small holes.

Scarlet: yes and they are a comfort.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY.....Beautiful country; Beautiful People---Gorgeous Couple...! So great to see all these pictures, desr Pat.

J.Crew is a Clothing store here in the states--A Sporty Type and Sophisticated, too, just like you and your dear dear MTL!

angryparsnip said...

Beautiful ! The scenery and you and your MTL.
Love Love Love the shoe story ! and one day someone will find it !

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Naomi: thanks for the info:)

Parsnip: promise you won't breathe a word but I fear the
remaining one has vanished in the mists of time.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I've heard that Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful.

Do you think a goat ate your lost shoe that's why it can't be found now?

Now I'm curious about Billy Connolly with his mad eyes, to google I go.

Pat said...

GG: Billy Connolly's mad eyes are just my opinion - seeing him up close - and about 20 odd years ago.

LL Cool Joe said...

Has Billy Connolly got mad eyes? Saw him once do a stand up show and he was so funny. He's a great actor too.

Love all the memories you've shared with us. Beautiful places and beautiful people.

Pat said...

Joey: this was in the eighties I think. He cane striding past us on the ferry and - to my mind had mad piercing eyes.
I agree he can be hysterically funny. Sadly I don't feel I can repeat one of his funniest jokes to do with parking his bike.

rashbre said...

Lovely pictures, although I always thought goats had a good sense of balance.

Pat said...

Rashbre: ha ha! It took a while but I got there in the end:)