Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Short Break in Transmission

A Short Break in Transmission

It’s been a good week: the new plumber is working out well and is only ten minutes away, Mick our handyman dropped in and removed rubbish from earlier jobs and we talked about fibre glass to finally fix the leaks in the garage roof.  It’s a bore when the post gets wet and not a brilliant idea with all the electrics.  I need to know more about the fibre glass solution, but where is Jimmy when you want him? Living the life of Riley 0n the Costas no doubt.

Talking of mail; I no longer get upset when a letter is addressed to MTL but yesterday there were two identical letters addressed with his name then “deceased” and:
“Important – only to be opened by the addressee.”
Words fail me.
 Of course I opened one, saw it was fairly relevant and then dropped them both into the solicitor.
 Oh good!   Chris our taxi man has just phoned to confirm my booking for tomorrow.  It’s quite rare – it seems to me – that people actually do what they say they will do.

I’m going to Cheltenham to see my dear old friend Margaret.  I’m a bit concerned about the journey – mainly finding my seat with luggage in the split second you have before the train chugs off.  Yesterday I bought an even lighter (weight wise) trolley case and am taking the absolute minimum although I’m tempted by my Kindle - being in the middle of a gripping novel “Apple Tree Yard” by Louise Doughty.

I’ve started trying to go to bed a little earlier – the snag is instead of getting up once at 5am to go to the bathroom, last night was 1am, 4am and 7am when I was wide awake and got up anyway.

There is a photo of Laddie below – Sheila’s sweet natured dog with one blue eye.  We had a bumble bee trapped behind the nets in the kitchen and Sheila promptly got her fluffy feather duster and gently eased him out all the way to the garden

Plants are watered – still time to see if I can fathom the switch- on lights.
Won’t be long.   Keep the faith.xoxox


Rog said...

Have a great trip Pat! It will be a very nice break for you.

John Greenwood said...

Have a lovely time! :-) xx

Kim Ayres said...

Hope you have a good time in Cheltenham :)

Z said...

How crass, those letters - quite unbelievable.

Lovely that you can be gripped by a book, it is a relief to lose yourself for a while but some people lose the knack under great stress. My mother did and my sister found she could only concentrate on the lightest novels. I reckon taking your Kindle is worth it, if just to have a distraction if you wake in the night.

Hope you have a lovely time with Margaret.

kenju said...

Have a good time and travel safely!

Pat said...

Rog: yes - I'm getting quite excited.

Kim: seeing Margaret is always good.

Z: she has had a tough time lately helping her daughter through breast cancer.
Thank goodness I can still lose myself in a book. TV is such a let down most of the time.

Judy; thank you. I've got everything crossed.

Mike and Ann said...

Pat; letters like that are almost unbelievable. And people who send them have to be insensitive, subhuman, troglodites!!! - takes several deep breaths, and calms down (a bit)-. I don't know how you can be expected to cope with that sort of thing.
What you need is a nice break in Cheltenham. Enjoy.
Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

Exile on Pain Street said...

Jimmy should wear a beeper and give us all the number. He's full of good advice on an array of subjects.

You MUST bring something on the train to alleviate the crushing boredom. Kindle it is.

Did you know David Bowie has one blue eye as well? No relation to the pup, I assume.

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: I think I've grown a second skin - which helps with this sort of idiocy.
Thank you for your wishes. Cheltenham here I come:)

Exile: he always turns up sooner or later - in one form or another.
I wouldn't be bored on the train - its a rare experience for me and I would probably be too excited to read. And then there is the people watching.
I did know about Bowie and am always trying to stare at it when he is on the screen but he is very clever at disguising it.

Scarlet Blue said...

I read Louse Doughty's first novel sometime ago. Gripping, but unusual. I don't like making packing decisions either!
Have a lovely holiday, Pat.

Pat said...

scarlet: was that her first?
How does she follow that?
Thank you Scarlet.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Darling Pat---I hope you have a WONDERFUL time, my dear...And I would take The
Hoping your weather is wonderful for you! And that you and Margaret have a ball!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I bet you have lots to see on the train ride. I hope you and Margaret have a glorious time.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Yes Pat, we'll keep the faith, we'll be here for you when you get back - have a good time!

Scarlet Blue said...

Dance With Me, was her first, I think. I read it years and years ago. It is odd... but somehow I couldn't put it down... and obviously it's stuck in my mind. I might see if I can find it so that I can read it again.

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about seats and the train ... if only they gave you a layout so at least you knew which door, where the luggage stowage was and which way to turn!

Have a great trip and relax ...

ps ... letters are unbelievable ... hope your solicitor gives the senders a flea in their ear

lom said...

Enjoy, looking forwards to hearing all about it

mapstew said...

Enjoy yer break Pat, I'm just back from mine (Matagorda).
See ya soon. :¬)


AndrewM said...

Have a great time.

Mage said...

Hope you got off ok. :)

Pat said...

Naomi: I did take the Kindle and we did have a ball:)

GG and Gadjo: thank you - I feel a new woman:)

Scarlet: she's going to be my next choice when I've finished 'Thursdays in the Park' by Hilary Boyd.

Roseneath: There was an Info Office so I knew it was the last coach.

LOM: you will - when I get my breath back:)

Map: hope it was fun:)

Andrew.M: thanks - looking forward to seeing you soon.

Mage: off and back thank you:)