Monday, April 08, 2013

Last Weekend

My weekend guests - grandson Sam and Natasha

Saturday evening sun. We had dinner at the Wheelhouse and had some hilarity when an elderly gentleman who had overdone his aperitifs elsewhere, was making a phone call explaining - in great depth and even greater volume where he was.  Fortunately it was to the end of our evening so there was more laughter thatn annoyance.

Can't wait till it is in full bloom - here is the Stellata.

My favourite wild primroses are everywhere.

I was sad to hear of Margaret Thatcher's death today - our first woman Prime Minister.
For a decade it has been the fashion to kick her - when she was very down.  I hope at this time people will show her the respect she deserves.

Progress today - I'm changing to a water meter.
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Granny Annie said...

PM Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan did great things in this world and shared a mutual respect that many of us in the US agreed about. She was a tremendous role model for women around the globe and I am saddened by her death.

Love that you had a good visit with your grandson and Natasha:)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sweet picture of your dear Grandson and his friend....Your Garden is beginning to bloom, my dear...How wonderful is that....Spring keeps on coming!
I agree with you about Margaret Thatcher....I hope people will give her some respect at this point.

John Greenwood said...

Very sad about Baroness Thatcher passing away, she was a great stateswoman.
You'll save a fortune with a water meter. Our bill went from £270 p/m to £85p/m!!

Scarlet Blue said...

Still no sign of spring in mid-Devon, so it's very nice to see some gratuitous primrose action :-)

Pat said...

Granny Annie: people seem to admire her tremendously or hate her. I remember the mess the country was in when she came to power and she lifted the whole country out of the morass.

Naomi: unfortunately some people are incapable of respect and make asses of themselves not understanding that sometimes it is better to hold one's tongue - or as Mum used to say - if you can't say anything nice about someone keep it buttoned.

Scarlet: the good thing is the cold keeps them in stasis so they bloom for ages.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Good on Sam and Natasha! It's heartening to see younger family taking care of older ones. more snow, and spring is here. I'd love to experience spring.

My father was an admirer of Mrs. Tatcher, my mother once told me.

The water company installed a water meter in this yard recently, the very day I was thinking about the importance of water.

angryparsnip said...

Wonderful to have a visit from grandson San and Natasha. Love the name Natasha.
I always thought Margaret Thatcher was what we all need at the time. Sorry to hear of her death today.

Your garden is looking so nice.
I am starting to get mine in order before out hot summer attacks. Just had a new sprinkler system put in to water some of the desert around my home for the extra hot burning days. Helps the birds and critters too.

cheers, parsnip

The Unbearable Banishment said...

As you know, I'm a big anglophile. I've established my bona fides. But I have ambiguous feelings about Baroness Thatcher. It's true she lifted Britain up when it was down, down, down. Where would the country be today without her? But she stepped on and hurt a lot of folks in the process, and didn't seem to care that she did. I'll leave damnation to others.

What is there if not a water meter?

Mage said...

There are a lot of angry folks still. Why a water meter?

Pat said...

John: on the phone they said I would save about £1000 a year.

GG: shamefully in Bristol there have been people celebrating her death and causing injuries to the police.

Parsnip: Natasha is the name of both Sam's girl friend and his sister and both use Tasha for short.

UB: like all great people Maggie was flawed - think of Churchill in the thirties. I remember the winter of discontent when the Unions were all powerful- rubbish wasn't collected - rats ran riot , bodies weren't buried and I was only allowed to open my shop three days a week sitting freezing with a candle and no electricity.
Then Maggie was elected and instead of the third world country we had become we became Great Britain again.
A telling fact: the Queen doesn't do funerals but she and Phillip are going to Maggie's.

Mage and UB: one has the choice of having a water meter which measures the water you use and charges accordingly or you pay a fixed tariff.
MTL could never be bothered to change but now - with just one person it seems silly not to.

Guyana-Gyal said...

That's so sad, Pat!

Kim Ayres said...

Still waiting for Spring in Scotland. Some daffodils look like they are thinking about popping up, but that's about it...

LL Cool Joe said...

I did have my reservations about Margaret Thatcher. I think she did both good and and things for the UK, but I'm not impressed with the "celebration" parties that happened after her death. The woman is dead and should be left alone.

Pat said...

Kim: well if you must live in the frozen north!

Joey: I'm with you on that.