Friday, April 12, 2013

Further up the hill.


“Mum don’t google ballcock!”

Suddenly the upstairs loo has developed an occasional reluctance to flush.  I lifted the lid and stared at the large scarlet ball and tried to remember what I had done in the past.  Like plantar fasciitis one has experienced most of these irritants at some period – with the latter I find rolling one’s foot on a bottle filled with cold water works well.

 # 1 son was about to leave for a well deserved holiday with my DIL and meeting up with my granddaughter Alice who is coming to the end of her year at Florida Uni but he took the time to give me a link to cure the flushing problem and Sheila has given me the name of an excellent plumber if all else fails.  I’ll study the link and let you know if it is useful.

 I enjoyed the Bereavement Group – so much that I nearly missed my taxi back, booked for 8pm (the weather was very wet) and fled the scene like an elderly Cinderella with the leader of the group - a trained psychotherapist rushing out to warn the taxi driver – that’s how kind she is. The fish and chips were good and it was fascinating to see the small group talking about things one hardly touches on – (to complete strangers) until one has known the listener for ages.  There is a bond of recognition and I shall go next week to the next meeting which is in the morning with coffee.

 Had a pleasant lunch with Joy – she feels it may be too late for her to go to the meeting but the consensus of opinion is that the second year is harder (oh joy!)
But I must let her decide for herself.

 Had a good meeting with my solicitor and signed my will, then there is the power of attorney I’ve started as it seemed like a sensible idea.  However this now apparently involves an interview with one’s doctor – presumable to establish one hasn’t lost one’s marbles which is a bit of a joke as the doctor I am seeing I don’t know at all.  Another fee of course.

 Progress gained after a visit to the Bank and saw a brilliant woman who not only is super efficient – her fingers fly over the keyboard but explains things lucidly – writes it all down and makes quite sure one understands.

I got a reminder about the car insurance and remembered one of the recently bereaved members (two days after MTL died she was in Spain with her husband and he dropped dead in the street) had said her car insurance had increased so she argued on the phone until they reduced it.  After a long conversation with a girl named Sadie I got my reduced by £30.

 Then I got another couple of tax codes – about the fourth.  #1 son helped fill in the last tax forms a few weeks ago so I decided to bite the bullet and phone the tax office.  This was a very lengthy business but worth it in the end.  I got a most helpful man with a Northern Ireland accent who explained the relevance of the ever changing tax codes and went over all my queries till I felt confident and finally said if I send the P60s when I get them from my two pensions they can do the rest over the phone.  Such a relief.


This morning the Red Cross collected a huge pile of stuff from the garage so another step forward.  Now for the plumbing link.  Have a good week-endJ


kenju said...

Pat, you are "Taking Care of Business"!! I am proud of you. And your son is right - don 't google

Pat said...

Judy: 'taking care of business' I like that phrase and will treasure it. Thank you Judy:)

John Greenwood said...

Good for you, Pat! Hugs fom here! xx

Marjolein said...

Wow. You're doing brilliantly, and getting so many things done!

My mother joined a bereavement group too after my father died, and some of the people she met are now her best friends.

mapstew said...

You, missus, are an inspiration!

I'm sure you'll do just fine with the plumbing too. If not, our tall pal will be back soon, he's quite handy.

I hope you are getting some of the sunshine we have been blessed with over here today. :¬)


Pat said...

John: oxo

Marjolein: I can understand that. You get off to a good start by being emotionally bonded.

Map: thank you:) Be nice to have our friend back but I wouldn't sully his poetic soul with my dicey plumbing.
We do have sunshine now - late afternoon and it inspired me to practice manoeuvring the car in the drive.

Eryl said...

You astonish, and continue to inspire me to take life by the hand and run into the light with it. How marvellous that you enjoyed the bereavement group so much, I'll remember that if the time comes.


well, now, aren't you just SOMEthing, lady! an understatement to say that you are "taking care of business"! you put us all to shame! way to go! xxx

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, my dear Pat....So much to do and see to....You are Amazing, my dear. Happy to hear the Bereavement group is really helpful for you.....
As to the Plumbing....Every time I have to go into the innards and see the little string of metal balls, (which look like a very cheap key holder), with what looks like a paper clip holding it together, I wonder:---We can send a man to the Moon, but the way Toilets work is still back in another century! The Ballcock is often the least of ones! Much Good Luck, my dear!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yay, good on you Pat, you're doing just how I figured you used to run a business, and you were a nurse.

How I like those efficient people whose fingers go clickety-clack all over the keyboard and give information and help, and they're cheerful too.

Pat said...

Eryl: may your time be far,far away. That demmed elusive light!

Gypsy: you are very kind and
I appreciate it:)

Naomi: the link didn't grab me and I've sent for the plumber. Fortunately I have three loos.

GG: yes people like that are so great to have around.

Kim Ayres said...

I think that might be one of the greatest opening lines for a blog post, ever :)

angryparsnip said...

Wonderful lady. . . You are absolutely fabulous.
I love the way you call up and people help and even your bank.
It sounds like your in good hand with lots of wonderful people to help. Dealing with fiances and taxes is never fun or plumbing either !

cheers, parsnip

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Sometimes it's easiest to discuss the heavy matters with complete strangers. Blogs are sometimes good for that.

Incidentally, "Taking Care of Business" was Elvis Presley's favorite saying. So much so, that a TCB logo adorned the side of his plane. 100% True!

Granny Annie said...

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Pat said...

Kim: I'm glad you approve:)

Parsnip: so far the plumber - in spite of the three numbers I have -remains elusive.

UB: blogs are good for all kinds of things - not least expanding my knowledge. Thanks for that:)

Granny Annie: good in parts. The weather had turned foul again. If it blows my magnolia buds off I shall be upset. And it has put paid to my venturing out in the car. I hope yours is better:)

Mage said...

The toilet troubles sound dreadful, but the group sounds really splendid.

I've done all you are doing now with the banks, and CCs, and all the different insurances here for my stepfather, and G's mom. It all seemed rather mountainous when I started, but it all got done. Bravo to you.

Pat said...

Mage: I seem to be following in your footsteps. Hope I pull it off so well as you.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat! Finally I understand this sentence: "I lifted the lid and stared at the large scarlet ball and tried to remember what I had done in the past." You would not BUH-leeeave what my weird imagination first thought it was saying!

Pat said...

GG: tell all:)