Monday, January 21, 2013

Just a light dusting.

 But enough snow to make the lane silent as the grave and to make me cancel a routine visit to the surgery and my help Sheila to miss two mornngs.  Note the hills in the distance - the Quantocks were looking particularly attractive this morning although nothing to compare to the mountains the Angry Parsnip has on her doorstep.

Watched a feel good film last night 'It's Complicated' with Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep and Steve Martin.  Nancy Meyers wrote and directed it and IMO the awards and nominations it garnered were well deserved.  There is a web-cam scene which had me screeching with delight. Tubby Alec Baldwin is a joy and I relished a very restrained Steve Martin finally breaking out.  Meryl always throws herself wholeheartedly into whatever the part demands and there's lots of' 'interior decorating and confectionary porn'.

It's becoming a habit: every Monday morning - usually when I'm in the middle of leaving a comment over at Savannah's  I'm bounced off line.  Still it's an ill wind - I did some housework and had a long chat with an old nursing pal who is about to have a new knee - she already has a new hip.  She's in her eighties so hats off.  She is a widow and tragically lost her daughter some years back but happilyshe and her brother decided to pool resouces and live together and they have a high old time travelling and having cruises. Great example of seizing the day.

Something strange happened over the week-end the number of hits I had went viral.  What did I do?

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lom said...

lovely photos Pat, we have had quite a bit of snow, love it:D

The Unbearable Banishment said...

That's a lovely dusting. Do you know/have you ever heard of Maidenhead? My ex-pat in-laws lived there for a few years.

I was bounced offline when I tried to link to Angry Parsnip. Same with Savannah. Technology is NOT our friend.

John Greenwood said...

We've had 10" of the damn stuff!!

angryparsnip said...

Dear Pat...
How nice of you to mention me in your post today... but as much as you like my photos I must admit to enlarging your photos and searching every part of the photos, enjoying the lovely place you live.
So very different from where I live.

I do believe technology is not our friend and much of my everyday frustrations come from my internet server, and why my computer has a mind of its own !
I too had a hard time with the links.

cheers, parsnip

Scarlet Blue said...

Julian Fellowes is very popular at the moment, Pat. Hopefully you haven't ended up on the rubber glove fetish forum, as I did a couple of years ago, and this spiked my stats.
Not much snow here, just very, very cold. Keep warm!

mapstew said...

I love the quietness the snow brings. :¬)


LL Cool Joe said...

I managed to get both kids to school today, thanks to my Jeep. We've had more than a dusting, and I think there is more on the way. Yuck. I know it looks beautiful but you know how I feel about it!

Pat said...

LOM: I knew you would:)

UB: I have only driven through Maidenhead and thought it most attractive - with the river and all. Sorry about the links - I was careful but both Parsnip and Savannah are on my blog roll.

Parsnip: I get great pleasure from photos of the square ones and your environs. Again sorry about the links but both you and Savannah are on my blog roll.

scarlet: the only connection I can think of with Julian Fellowes is that he used Past Imperfect for a book title after I started my blog seven year ago.
It's tailing offf now but still quite high.

Map: yes sometimes when one wakes up on a winter's morning you can hear the silence and know it's snow.

Pat said...

Joey: believe me if I had to drive through it I would hate it.
We are just hunkering down.

kenju said...

I love that movie and I have seen it 3 times.

Marjolein said...

We've had quite a bit of snow here, and I love watching the world turn completely white. Doesn't make for nice pictures though, all you see is snow. ;) I like your pictures much better!

savannah said...

love the pics, sugar, but not the idea of LIVING in the snow! weird about what happens with my site for you and UB, but even stranger is the fact that the MITM can't leave a comment on my blog and he's an admin! *sigh* xoxoxox

Pat said...

Judy: great gals think alike:)

Marjolein: all gone now.

Savannah: that really is strange. Mind you most of today I have been off line - not from choice dammit.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE, "IT'S COMPLICATED"..It's on the Movie Channels I get quite often and I probably have seen it 10 times....! I like Nancy Meyers films...."SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE" Jack Nicholson and 'Annie Hall'...(Diane Keaton of course....)....It's great fun!

Lovely Dusting my dear....Lovely pictures!

Pat said...

Naomi: I have to say it's the sort of film Aamerica does so well and the fact that there is a history of writers like Nancy Meyers.

Guyana-Gyal said...

How pretty the snow looks. But my brother said it's cooOOoooOold. And for him to complain, it must be, because he loves the cold!

Is it true what Mapstew says? About the silence? I remember one Aussie blogger in London saying that snow has a special smell.