Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today's garden

 The lawn hasn't been mown - too much rain.  There's the church.

 Last glimpse of the sea before the leaves come out.  Yes you can see it- in the centre just below the headland
 A thing of beauty IMO.
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john.g. said...

Very nice!

Macy said...

So jealous of your balcony - and the warm evenings where I can imagine you sitting out with a G&T

mapstew said...

Beautiful. I too am envious of your balcony! :¬)


Pat said...

Macy and Map: there are two actually. Sorry:)
I try not to take then for granted.

R. Sherman said...

Beautiful views. It's a wonder you get anything done other than sipping wine and enjoying your surroundings.


Pat said...

Randall: and that is the problem. Not the wine the not getting things done.