Friday, March 16, 2012

Gosh – is that really the time?

It was a very busy day; both of us had early appointments and Sheila, our help had changed her day from Friday to Thursday to cope with road works so I had to set the alarm for 7 am which usually means I wake at 6am.  Once back home the phone rang steadily throughout the day and the postman arrived laden.  It was lunchtime before I opened any presents and still nothing from MTL except a beautiful card.

I determined I wasn’t going to mention presents and just when I was about to explode he appeared with a carrier bag full of little gifts and far too much chocolate, which he says is for him.  Later on a small package appeared on the kitchen table containing a very delicate gold locket and chain.  MTL hadn’t been sure about it – he has been known to buy me an identical brooch to one he had bought earlier ( and even I didn’t realise it at first) so he included the receipt so I could change it.

I was glad about that because they have had a terrific sale and I had seen a necklace to replace one that has become discoloured with age, but in the end decided I should pull my horns in.  Now it was a possibility – if the sale was still on.  The necklace was far too delicate for an old trout and I would never have worn it.  Oddly when I removed the necklace it had a ticket tucked under the padding which was half the price of the receipt.  MTL had paid the larger price but it seems the ticket just referred to the chain.  We’ll go down to the jewellers - which we have used for 27 years and choose something we both like.

I realise some of you will be appalled that I didn’t just accept graciously but we know each other far too well for that – warts and all - and I’m hopeless at dissembling. 
 I really enjoy hearing from very old friends, children and grandchildren but I do find my birthday a bit of an ordeal and I can’t explain why.  MTL has just found another present hanging on the boiler room door - from Joy who must have missed us yesterday.

We went to the local Italian last night which is basically the same except they have changed the name twice since it was Pinnochio’s. 
Thank you for all the lovely wishes here and on Face Book.  Now for my thank you letters.


Pearl said...

" old trout..."

I'm going to use that, shall lie in wait for it...

As for a too-delicate necklace, I know exactly what you're talking about, and I think it's just smart to know when something won't be worn.

Happy birthday. :-)


Pat said...

Pearl: thanks:) That's a comfort.

R. Sherman said...

You've obviously got a lot of friends thinking of you. I'm glad you had a happy day.

BTW, my wife and I are the same about birthdays. I get her things, of course, but she usually tells me to pick out something I want, just to be sure I'm happy with it. It works swimmingly.


Guyana-Gyal said...

It's wonderful how he's managed to surprise you yet again!

I like the fact that you and YTL are so open with each other, you can talk honestly about what you want / don't want.

Happy, happy birthday, Pat!

angryparsnip said...

As you said... he knows you well. The best part is you will both go down to the jewelers to pick out something you both like. Nice !

cheers, parsnip

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh dam I missed your birthday! Real life got busy this week I'm sorry. I hope you had a wonderful time. Sounds a very sensible arrangement about the gift I think. No point on keeping something you don't want to wear.

Pat said...

Randall: then i'm in excellent company:)

GG: after nearly 33(just doing the math) years it would be a poor look-out if we couldn't:)
Thank you GG:)

Parsnip: that's what we have just done and we both like the single strand of pearls and he allowed me to pay the difference so I don't feel a floozie, cow, gold-digger - take your pick:)

Joey: thanks - I know you understand perfectly about caring what you wear.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Maybe what your dear MTL should do is give you a "card" saying there is a wonderful present waiting for you at the Jeweler's...And then, you both go togther to pick out it out...Good Idea?? LOL!

Glad you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Pat....It's lovely that so very many people remember and send you Hapy Birthday wishes....!


what a lovely loving couple you two are! how wonderful - so refreshing and poignantly beautiful to read your YTL stories! and happy happy again! ;)

Judy (kenju) said...

I'm happy to know that you had a lovely birthday. You are NOT an old trout!!

Mr. kenju never buys me anything anymore - I never liked anything he bought except the diamond ring he gave me when we had been married 17 years. So now, I buy my own presents. It's much better that

rashbre said...

Happy Birthday!

Pat said...

Naomi: yes I am very lucky. From time to time I do say 'No more jewelry' - but it never seems to stick.

Gypsywoman: sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. We have been together now longer than we were apart so I should get used to the idea.

Judy: thank you -I'll take your word for it:)
Everybody is different. I hope it is a nice big one - the diamond - and I'm sure he knows how lucky he is.

Rashbre: thank you:)


Vagabonde said...

Happy belated birthday! So you are a March gal just like me – mine is coming up at the end of the month. We have so much in the house that we only give each other a book or two, or we go on a trip. I like chocolate though – I think that it is a given for most anyone but… my mother-in-law did not like chocolate…. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

john.g. said...

Happy birthday! xx I would have commented on facebook,but, I can't get in!!

Lonely Rivers said...

I do remember a Christmas about 40 years ago when my adoring young husband went over the top and way beyond our budget buying gifts I would never use or appreciate. I have to say I wish I could take back the way I handled it. Had he lived for the next 40 years, I do believe we would have gotten to the point where you are, close enough to know that it would be just fine to return the gift. Unfortunately, he did not live all of those 40 since years, and I am left with shame and sadness about the way I responded to his love and generosity.

Marjolein said...

Happy birthday!

Pat said...

Vagabonde: you are lucky - I wish we ould still go on trips. At least we did a lot whilst we could.

John: I missed you at Scrabble - hope you can get on again soon.

Lonely Rivers: we all do and say things we regret but we have to put it behind us and remember all the loving things you did whilst he was alive. He would not want you to spoil your happy memories by fretting about something you said in the heat of the moment. If you love someone you forgive them especially when you thought it was for the best. You must forgive yourself.

Pat said...

Marjolein: thankyou:)