Friday, March 30, 2012

Bluebells in March - for Kim.

 Can you spot the real orchid?
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Mike and Ann said...

The gardens really are starting to look interesting now.

Scarlet Blue said...

Is there an unreal orchid?
They all look gorgeous, anyhow!

Granny Annie said...

Lovely flowers. Isn't one of a tulip tree?

john.g. said...

Did you have a fish-eye lens on for the first two photos?
The first Orchid I think.

I hate word verification!


how beautiful your signs of spring - i can almost smell the glorious fragrances from here! beautiful!!!

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: I have some very interesting dandeliions:)

Scarlet: the real one is the white one - the faux second from the bottom.

Granny Annie: yes - or magnolia. It has survived dramatic pruning but the large tree behind is still very bare.

Gypsywoman. there is a strong fragrance in one bed and I can't tell if it is the primroses or the stellata magnolia.

Mage said...

Just wonderful stuff for the season. Hugs.

angryparsnip said...

As always your garden is lovely. The first photo is fabulous.
My son has a special lens on his camera that distorts the edges like that.
As I just wrote on Weavers blog about the spring flowers, flowering trees and nesting birds.... my first signs of springs... all the Rattlesnake warnings !

cheers, parsnip

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful, Beautiful Pat....Really exquisite...Spring has truly Sprung in your lovely Garden...!

Pat said...

Mage: thank you:)

John G: I keep finding you in the spam box. I had two dicey comments the other day so am keeping WV for a while.
Not a special lens - another option on Picasa which I'm having fun with.

Parsnip: no special lens - just more options on Picasa which I'm experimenting with. Some of them are really weird.
Beware the rattle snakes. I
found a small plug of blood on my leg which left a puncture hole. I await developements.

Naomi: I got two weird comments the other day so continue WV for the time being. What a nuisance such trolls are.

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Pat - thank you so much for sharing these photos from outside and then inside your lovely home. All the glorious blooms are such a happy sight - especially as around about now NZ goes off Summertime until late September.

Never mind, I'll get to see beautiful gardens like yours and John G Dad's over your warmer months. And old Zebby Cat will keep me warm with his "snuggle ups" and cuddles.

Your bluebell flowers are a delight!!!

Pat said...

Mickle: thank you - I'm honoured to be classed with John's Dad.
Hugs to Zebby.

savannah said...

gorgeous garden, sugar! and the orchids, faux & real are gorgeous! xoxoxox

Pat said...

Savannah: so glad you like them.xoxoxox

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hello Pat - the colours are just glorious. Lovely to think of the bluebells :) x

Kim Ayres said...

Sorry Pat - I've been away all weekend. Just got back to find this post - thank you :) I do love bluebells, and I love the fact you remembered :) Thank you x

Pat said...

Kate : lovely to hear from you.

Kim: my pleasure. Hope all went well.