Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Sermon

Geography is not my strong point; yesterday – at a lunch party - I learned that Montenegro was not in South America but near Serbia.  At the second year at grammar school in the forties, in addition to all the usual subjects you had to choose two subjects from Art, History, Latin and Geography.  I chose Art and History despite the fact that you had to have Latin for University.  I don’t remember ever seriously considering going to University and couldn’t wait to get out into the real world.

My # 1 son and DIL are presently celebrating 25 years marriage in Antigua so he thoughtfully sent me a map.  It’s roughly SE of Haiti with Cuba up at the top left.
It looks beautiful – see below.
He says:
Antiguans are so laid back it's unbelievable and Health & Safety just haven't reached here yet.  That's mainly good but there seems to be a law against indicating or driving in a straight line which makes things interesting.  In the capital there are loads of skinny dogs wandering around, presumably stray.  It's just normal to them but for Jenny it's very distressing as they look in poor shape and risk being hit by cars on a regular basis.


Once you get away from the tourist hotels and yacht marinas, there's quite a bit of poverty.  And like anywhere there's a certain amount of drug and alcohol abuse.  But I like it.  99% of the people are warm, friendly and will do anything for you.  Even the hawkers on the beach are always polite and when you say no, smile and move on.  I dread to think what any Antiguan would think of his first trip to London.

This made me laugh: Seventy years ago the late, lovely gentleman Roy Plomley started the renowned radio programme - Desert Island Discs and one of the castaways was the delectable Brigitte Bardot.  When asked what she would like to take with her to the island she said:
“Er penus” which caused – it is said – Roy to blush.  In fact what she said was:
” ‘appiness,”

Every time the decorators come to a window they remove the curtains and my roots won’t allow me to re-hang then without first washing, ironing and - in some cases repairing.  Here’s hoping the washer holds out.
 It’s all going to be lovely!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a BEAUTIFUL place Antiqua is---Lovely Lovely pictures. And I love what you shared with us that your dear son and DIL had to say about the other parts of The Island....! There is always the "underbelly", isn't there?...But how wonderful that 99% of the people are so very nice.
I did laugh when he talked about the driving....!
An Island like this is ideal, for a lovely getting-away-from-it-all, Vacation!
So happy the Attic is going soooo well....! It must be thrilling and such a lift to the spirits, dear Pat...!

R. Sherman said...

All the Caribbean is like that, with the exception of the Dutch Antilles and some of the trendy ex-British outposts, i.e. St. Kitts and Nevis. Once you get away from the jet-set, you see how people really live. Quite sobering, actually.


LL Cool Joe said...

Lovely photos, it makes me long to be on a beach in the sun!

I'm glad the attic is going well. Could the curtains be dry cleaned, that would save you some work?

angryparsnip said...

What beautiful photos.
I miss the living by Pacific Ocean so much.

I laugh at the curtain washing/mending and rehanging.
I would do the same thing. After all the work your having done why not get everything fluffed up ! I have been enjoying the photos so far....

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Naomi: Unfortunately he got an ear infection just before leaving. It seems to be better now but he can't snorkel or risk getting water in his ear.

Randall: I know he will want to see behind the facade. Just keep away from the dogs, I tell him.

Joey: I'm trying to cut down on expense. The last time I had the family room curtains cleaned it was about £100 and some of them would fall apart.

Parsnip: I took a photo of the old bath today, will post it later. It's pretty ghastly.

Judy (kenju) said...

Love those photos. I haven't been to that island, but I've been to several in the Caribbean and it is a wonderful place!!