Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Twaddle

I almost missed the anniversary of starting Past Imperfect – six years ago, January 14th to be exact.  One of my better moves – thanks #1son (have a Happy Silver Wedding anniversary in Antigua), and all the many bloggers who encouraged and helped me.

Whilst I think of it – norovirus – seems to be popping up all over the place – our hospital has closed wards a number of times lately and hotels and cruise ships are particularly vulnerable.  Here’s what Gill Charlton said in Telegraph travel:

Norovirus is contracted by touching surfaces such as stair rails, lift buttons and salad servers which have been infected by a previous user.  Another common way to catch the virus is to shake hands with someone who has recently coughed into their hand.
The best way to avoid catching norovirus is to be scrupulous about hand hygiene. Wash your hands for at least 10 seconds in soap and warm water before eating anything.  Steer clear of open buffets or take food from the back of the dish.
Most importantly buy a bottle off Boots Anti-Viral Hand Foam which is alcohol free and manufactured by Byotrol.
When the Holland America cruise line introduced a trial of this hand sanitizer on its ships, it found that norovirus all but disappeared.  It works much more effectively than traditional sanitizers because as well as killing germs on your hands, it gives an ongoing protection against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria for up to 6 hours

I have always leaned towards Lady Macbeth as far as hand washing is concerned but this sanitizer is top of my shopping list.  Let’s hope they don’t run out of the stuff.

On Sunday night I watched an episode of Call the Midwife, it has an excellent cast and the voice of Vanessa Redgrave as the mature Jenny.  Jennifer Worth was a midwife in London’s East End in the fifties and she chronicles life as it was then for the poor in Dockland with its seamy underbelly of brothels, the Kray brothers and flea- infested slums.  I found it to be true to the essence of the book and Miranda Hart the comedy actress is a delight as Chummy aka Camilla, Fortescue Cholmely-Browne who can’t ride a bike for toffee and is always knocking things over.
In fact the author wrote to Miranda and told her she envisaged her in the part.  It is just so sad that Jennifer died last July aged 75 before she could see the TV version.  The remaining four episodes are on my must- see list.

Immediately after that came the first episode of Birdsong Sebastian Faulk’s love story set in WW1.  I seem to remember finding the book a little disjointed and found the TV version the same with its flitting from the gruesome trench warfare to the lyrical love scenes in the Amiens country-side, without warning.  And I found the long lingering shots on the hero and heroine – beautiful as they are –interminable.  It must be a very difficult book to film, I thought Joseph Mawle as Jack Firebrace was excellent and will certainly watch the final episode next Sunday  BBC1 9pm.

Looking at photos of hamamelis - witch hazel, my version seems to be named Orange Peel and they say smells of marmalade.  The scent is much more exotic then marmalade IMO, but there is a clean citrussy kick


The Unbearable Banishment said...

The first part of this post will give germaphobes something to think about for the rest of that day. That sort of thing never bothered me. I wouldn't have stayed in NYC for so long if it did.

rashbre said...

Well done for the 6 years of blogging.

When you describe the bug and wash routine it reminds me of something that happened at work a couple of years ago. Someone who used one of our best located hot desks got a fairly virulent tummy bug and the technicians did a deep cleanse of the hot desk.

Strangely enough, although it had a prime window position, it became a low usage spot for several months afterwards.


congratulations on your blogging anniversary - that's about twice my own length here and reminds me to check the month of each just out of curiosity - again, job very well done, pat - and thanks for the virus alert - we all keep hand sanitizer sprays and wipes in every nook and cranny of our cars and bags - now, to find the brand you mention - what a fascinating story midwife - and indeed sad that jennifer was unable to see the it all - such interesting and intriguing goodies here at your place!

R. Sherman said...

Happy Blogiversary! It doesn't seem that long. Where does the time go?


LL Cool Joe said...

6 years is a long time to blog, congratulations!

My mother-in-law is on a cruise ship at the moment for 5 weeks, it did pass through my mind that I hope no one gets a bug, because that can be passed around a boat so quickly.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Congratulations! Six years. Wow. I started in 2008 and don't even remember the day... I'd have to go look. But I'm glad you're still at it, otherwise I wouldn't be able to call you one of my bloggy friends!

All the hospitals here have containers of hand sanitizer mounted on walls everywhere. A lot of the shopping malls are now doing the same. I've not heard of norovirus popping up here yet, but it may soon come, as people away on winter holidays start coming back. I hope you and YTL remain virus free.

Pat said...

UB: you have obviously built up a splendid immunity:)

Rashbre: Thank you:)
Well you know heat accelerates the growth of bacteria I believe.

Gypsywoman: time flies. MTL couldn't believe it had been 6 years. Apart from anything else it is great to have as a record.

Randall: not all survive. I'm glad you have:)

Joey: thank you. I hope your MIL stays well. One of the frustrations on the cruise ships is that not everyone uses the sanitizers and one has to use the handrails on a ship.

Ponita: I'm very happy to be a bloggy friend:)
We got very used to the sanitizers when MTL was in hospital. They were everywhere and I made a point of using them even if I had just washed my hands in the cloakroom 'pour encourager les autres.'

angryparsnip said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Pat !
I have always counted it a lucky day when I found your blog.
I have found your blog interesting, love your photos and have so enjoyed wandering around with you.

cheers, parsnip

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love reading about your TV shows that have not made it 'across the pond', but hopefully will----The first one sounds quite marvelous....! And I hope we get both of them over here....!

The Attic is really coming along....! I know you must be pleased, my dear....
I ALWAYS love seeing what is growing in your Beautiful Garden...! Would love to get a whiff of ALL the lovely blooms...!

About Germs: My Infectious Disease doctor spoke of washing my hands even before touching my face---and I was told to sing Happy Birthday SLOWLY, twice through, while washing my hands...AND....He said, DON'T use the Hand Sanitizers instead of Washing Hands---that they can build up some kind of film that makes them NOT as good as Soap & Water....I pass this on for whatever it is worth...! (And he did warn me about "surfaces", too....!)

Pat said...

Parsnip: thank you for those kind words - the feeling is mutual. It sounds a bit like an epitaph. I'm not going anywhere - as far as I know:)

Naomi: I always feel a bit guilty talking about our TV but there is always the chance they will cross the pond. I watched the Oscar nominations today and thought of you.
I think your doctor gives excellent advice and agree with what he says.

Sharon Longworth said...

Firstly, I am in awe of your six year bloggiversary - very impressive.

I was a little unsettled by the references to Norovirus, but then you re-deemed my sense of wellbeing by talking about Bird Song. I didn't watch the tv adaptation, but remember reading the book, on a sunny beach in Gran Canaria many years ago - and you prompted a lovely few minutes of reminiscing. Thank you.

Judy (kenju) said...

I wonder if novovirus was what I had for the last 3 weeks. UGH.

Pat said...

Sharon: I hadn't realised the book came out so long ago so forgave myself for not remembering it too clearly.
Don't worry about norovirus. You are young and healthy and mostly normal hand hygiene will protect you. Older and sick people are more at risk.

Judy: usually D and V - or one of them - is involved.

Keith said...

Personally I found the first episode of Birdsong very boring *yawn*, but then I'm not a warmongering romantic. About two thirds through I switched off.

I watched it on iPlayer last night but I don't think I'll watch the rest of the series.

When they make a film of your autobiography (eventually!) I think Meryl Streep should play you! She only portrays famous women nowadays. . . .

Eryl said...

Happy blog-birthday! Six years, goodness. You've reminded me that it was my fifth a couple of days ago, lord knows how I forgot.

I'd never heard of norovirus but luckily I wash my hands endlessly. Wish I could say the same for my beloved.

A plant that smells of marmalade sounds pretty good to me, X

Pat said...

Keith: I do know what you mean about 'Birdsong' but will give it another chance.
'Meryl Streep should play you! She only portrays famous women nowadays.' . . .
That should let me out then:)

Eryl: January seems to be the month many bloggers start. I was reminded by Kenju's anniversary. Long may you continue.
Yes men can be a problem. I don't remember Macbeth hand washing much.

Kim Ayres said...

Congratulations on the 6th anniversary! I don't know what the average blog life is, but an awful lot of the people I used to follow and would visit my blog, are no longer involved in it.

I remember it was Dr Maroon that pointed me in your direction. And he was dead jealous that I got to meet you in person. Although even that was about 3 years ago now, I think

Pat said...

Kim: thank you:)
Whatever happened to Dr Maroon? He was mentioned on F.B. along with Mrs Pouncer but it could have been a spoof.

Granny Annie said...

Wow...six years! Congratulations. I only found you a couple of years ago so there is a lot of catching up. I am approaching my 7th in March and Judy of Just Ask Judy just had her 7th. It doesn't seem possible.

Do you watch DOWNTON ABBEY. It is in it's second season and I am thinking you told me about it in the first season.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: I'm so glad I found both you and Judy:)
I'm devoted to 'Downton Abbey' even though the author used 'Past Imperfect' for the title of his book.

Mage said...

And a happy 6th anniversary to you too. What a lovely gift you are to all of us.

john.g. said...

Happy blogiversary!

Pat said...

Mage: what lovely words on a miserable day. Thank you:)

John: thanks son:)

Vagabonde said...

Happy Bloganniversary – what an achievement – six years!
When on a cruise I try to wash my hands as much as possible with these special soaps but at home I use regular soap. I read that if you use antibacterial soaps too often your body will get used to a germ free environment and will get sick at the least germ. Our body needs to fight small germs which increase our immune system strength. Also these soaps contain Triclosan which is a common pollutant and is found now in our streams and other bodies of water and is damaging aquatic ecosystems. So, these soaps are good when traveling but should be used in moderation. As for TV – I don’t watch it much but prefer English TV shows a lot more than those offered here in the US.

Pat said...

Vagabonde: If only everybody would just observe normal hygiene - as you say with soap and water - all would be much better.

Kim Ayres said...

I think Doc M is still alive - I spoke to him on the phone briefly last year sometime, but I have no real idea what he's up to and I certainly miss his blog

Pat said...

Kim: ships that pass in the night:)