Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Happy New Year!

A bouquet for you!

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Ponita in Real Life said...

What beautiful flowers, Pat!!!

Wishing your and YTL a wonderful New Year and may 2012 bring all the best to you and all your family. xoxoxo

angryparsnip said...

And a very Happy New Year to you and your Family !

cheers, parsnip and The Square Ones

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a gorgeous Bouguet, my dear Pat....! Wishing you and your very dear MTL, and your lovely family, a WONDERFUL HAPPY NEW YEAR...! May 2012 be a Healthy, Happy, Superb year for you all!

Mage said...

What a lovely gift for the new year. Thank you. :) And love back at ya.


pat, what a beautiful bouquet! just wonderful and the perfect post - the past week or so has found me more than under the weather and the past few days, not wandering far from my bed - some sort of head/sinus/chest horrific bug so i've been more than out of touch for such a time - in any event, am online just long enough to send all my wishes to you and yours for a magnificent new year - with much affection - jenean

mapstew said...

Mwah! :¬)


Macy said...

Happy new year Pat!
All the best for 2012!

LL Cool Joe said...

Can I have a bottle of champagne instead!! ;)

Happy New Year to you Pat!

Anonymous said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Happy new year!


Pat said...

Ponita: thank you and good health and happiness to you and yours.

Parsnip: as they say over there - back at cha! Love to the square ones:)

Naopmi: thank you. The bouquet is one I sent and they sent a photo of it. All my best wishes for a happy healthy 2012 an for Sweetie's recovery.

Mage: so nice of you to pop over. See you soon;)

Jenean: after all you have been through you really need to build up your strength again. Do take care of yourself and hopefully this year will be a happier one.

Map: xoxoxox

Macy: thank you and I hope yours will be a happy healthy year for you and the Cherub.

Joey: New Year's Day - I'm sure you have some bubbly. If you were closer I'd give you both:)

Marjolein: yes - good old M&S and apparently they are lasting well.
Happy New Year!

R. Sherman said...

Happy New Year to you and YTL, dear. I hope you both stay healthy and active in 2012, if for no other reason, than we get to vicariously enjoy your travels.


Pat said...

Randall: thank you - I'm not sure there will be much in the way of travel but I'll happily settle for being healthy and active and a few brain cells thrown in the mix and I hope to keep my blogging friends to the end
Our very best wishes to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

I am late with my wishes, and beg your pardon for this.

All the best for You and all Yours for the coming New year!

Pat said...

63mago: never too late and gratefully received and they go to you also.