Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Details of the facade of the Taj Mahal

A young girl with her brass plate to collect animal dung for fuel

Gwalior Fort

A local boy.

Family fun on the terrace of the Taj

One of the temples

Workmen at the Taj

The locals were friendly. There were cranes below.
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Kane said...

Oh Pat. What a beautiful story. You know how I'm fond of nostalgia. I can imagine your friend, late at night, feeling a little lonely and he saw your card and took a chance to reconnect.

Your retelling of your story and how he saved you probably cheered him up.

Sigh. And I suddenly miss India all the more. It really is such an incredible place.

I'm reading William Dalrymple who wrote several books on India. Really fascinating stuff.



Pat said...

Kane: thank you for reminding me about William Dalrymple - he is a familiar face and voice to me - from his work as a journalist, but I have never read any of his books. Time to start:)