Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dogged is my middle name.

Mid morning I started to post four photos as Scarlet asked me to show the tree. I kept the words to a minimum as Picasa seems to have taken against them but it would not publish. So I tried the photos with just identifying numbers - 1,2,3 and 4. No dice! So I tried the four photos with no words and no numbers. Zilch!
Then I tried without Picasa just getting images from Dashboard but it never recognises my file names. Eventually I find the photos and then it all gets rather painful and makes me feel totally useless.

After lunch I gritted my teeth and have just managed to post one photo at a time - no names no numbers but hopefully the copy below will clarify.
Just had a surprise parcel of fishy delights: oak roast salmon, smoked salmon and gravalax. Yum yum. And a surprise bouquet from my help. Feeling a bit panicked so may be quiet for a while whilst I catch up. That usually ends up with me posting every day. You'll have to just bear with me.

For Scarlet
- whose tree is rather prettier. Christmas decorations are not my forte. They end up looking like the Queen Mum out on the razzle. Then I remember the garden - it's amazing what a bit of laurel , holly and ivy can do

#2Scarlet has a star I have my old faery queen

#3This is my favourite bit because the heat from the fire brings out the fragrance of the pine cones and makes the gold bits shiver and shimmer with delight

#4Our postie is a sweetie and never grumbles because I have covered the letter box.

Photos below - they won't post with copy.


Scarlet Blue said...

Oh bless you, Pat! It probably took you longer. To post than it did to decorate the tree!

R. Sherman said...

On Blogger Editor, there is an icon for posting photos. It's fairly easy and much less cumbersome than Picasa in my view. I recommend it.

Otherwise, nicely done. Your home looks very inviting.


Pat said...

Randall: now if I can only find 'Blogger Editor'

Eryl said...

I was thinking of not bothering to get a tree this year (Bob won't be with us so feeling a bit disinclined to go all out), but your (and Scarlet's) pictures have rather persuaded me otherwise. And I will surely go pine cone hunting tomorrow now you tell me they smell nice over the fire.

Editor is just the bit you create the blog post in. Above the box you type in there should be a line of icons, one of them is for adding images to your post, if you hover your mouse over them their function is revealed so you should find it. Click and then follow instructions, easy peasy.

Mage said...

Just lovely. Your home reflects the true spirit of the holiday. :)

lom said...

Seasons greetings

Z said...

When writing a post, there's a bar-ful of symbols, above the box, you click on the one that looks like a photo, next to Link, and go from there.

Pat said...

Eryl: yes do have pine cones - the natural decorations are the best and the tree lights cheer both of us.
I know the icon for adding images. The problem is finding the right formula for the picture. If i say 'Xmas tree' it doesn't recognise it.

Mage: that's such a nice thing to say:)

LOM: and to you dear.

Z: YOu and Scarlet probably think I am a nitwit- and you are probably right. I know that symbol well but as I told Scarlet
'If i say 'Xmas tree' it doesn't recognise it.' Help will be here in February and meanwhile somehow I did get pictures published. Many thanks for your input.

wontletlifedefinemereverb said...

You have lovely decorations up!

As for posting pictures, it hardly ever works well for me either. I always get 'image can't be processed'.


Pat said...

Marjolein: thank you. Nothing is constant in blogland so I'm hoping all will right itself.

Judy (kenju) said...

I'm glad you persevered, Pat! The tree and mantel are lovely. Merry Christmas!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, nobody could ever think you're a nitwit, you're funny, smart, kind. And brave to blog.

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

I'm enjoying the gungo-ho and doggedness here :-D

Guyana-Gyal said...

There should be a full-stop after 'nitwit'.

Pat said...

Judy: you are being kind:) Merry Christmas.

GG: that's a lovely Christmas gift - thank you:) I hope 2012 is a joyful year for you and yours.

Granny Annie said...

I cannot imagine why you have so much trouble posting pictures. Surely there is someone who can help you fix this problem. I would be so frustrated and don't know what I'll do if that kind of problem comes my way.

At least you can post the pictures in a separate entry and getting to see them is well worth you efforts. Thanks for finding us worth the sharing:)

Pat said...

Granny Annie: I hope you stay trouble free but you are probably better at sorting computer problems. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Makes it worth while.