Thursday, September 29, 2011

September in the Garden

A threatening sky

I ought to rake this path but then again the woodchoppers are due - seems a waste.

Not much happening - the last of the flowers and wild michaelmas.

I'm happy these seeded thenselves

Leaves are falling.

Plenty more where they came from.

Snooze time - till Spring.

These two gangly plants in the pots are indoor crysants which I tried to nurture in the sun room
Karen thinks they may still flower but I have my doubts.
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Minnie said...

The garden still looks lovely ...!
I am bracing myself for return to the, er, more temperate climate of our common homeland ('dread' is the right word, I think!) - so your pictures which show that even dark clouds can't mask all the beauties are very welcome indeed. Thank you, Pat.

R. Sherman said...

Don't rake the path. I think it's more peaceful au natural.


Minnie said...

PS Thank you again for your wonderfully heartening comment on mine. And you're so right: it really does matter where you are. A lovely friend from Bristol days once said: "you think people are going to be the same everywhere; but ... they're not!" Too true IME.

Granny Annie said...

We have leaves falling very early this year because of the horrible drought. We mow to mulch the leaves and keep from having to rake them. You garden is still looking very pretty.

Ponita in Real Life said...

I so love your house and garden, Pat! A lovely, peaceful place. I miss the space of a yard, but not the work. I do get a yard when at the MoS's place on weekends, so that makes up for the weekdays spent in my apartment. ;-)

Does the path become muddy in the rain if you rake all the leaves off it? Perhaps best to leave them, or do as people do here and spread a good layer of bark chips down the length. No raking ever again and it does a great job of keeping it passable in wet weather.


such beautiful grounds you have, pat - just lovely - and i'm so looking forward to re-working those in the new house here - they've been long neglected and so need some TLC - but i've a yard man coming to begin the big work of softening the rough edges - good bones just neglected - anyway - yours are magnificent and i know you and YTL must so enjoy them - thanks so much for sharing - oh, and about the little critters - flies and spiders - listen, yesterday i discovered a huge spider on the wall of the sunroom [the walls and the floor are natural stone slabs] - he looks like a tarantula and almost that size but i think it's a wolf spider -

Mike and Ann said...

Our garden is very small, but it's still showing lots of colour, roses still in bloom and many buds still, Michaelmas daisies, hibiscus, and many others. Perhaps shouldn't mention this to you, but even our lupins are putting out a second flush of colour. I always thin an Indian summer must shorten the winter.

Pat said...

Minnie: I'm wondering which part of the UK you are coming back to. But I'm congenitally nosy.
BTW we are presently having an Indian summer - to last over the weekend.

Randall: thanks:)

Granny Annie: that sounds a good plan.

Ponita: it doesn't get muddy - it is so sheltered from the rain by the trees. It does look so nice after raking but I'm going to leave it for now.

Gypsywoman: I think you are going to have a lot of creative fun in your new home. Wolf spider - tarantula they all scare me. Scatter chestnuts forthwith.

Mike and Ann: I was saying to MTL the hibiscus has been its best this year. I know your garden is bejewelled with colour and gets plenty of TLC. You both are better gardeners than I am.

angryparsnip said...

Oh Pat, your garden is so lovely and you get to have doors open to let the view and fresh air in.
A luxury that I don't have were I live.

Beautiful photos today !

cheers, parsnip

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Such a lovely House and Garden Pat....I always love when you show us what is going on with your plants---Even though it is Fall....There is still great Beauty abounding, isn't there?

LL Cool Joe said...

Your garden looks very neat. We have leaves everywhere now. I still haven't got rid of all of last years yet! :D

Hope you are having the lovely weather that we are getting at the moment?

Marjolein said...

You have such a lovely garden! I'm going to try and find some new plants for our balcony this weekend. I always like the view a nice balcony gives and a few people are coming round next week so it's time to show off the newly-wedded proper housewife ;) (I do it for myself, really)

Sharon Longworth said...

Pat, your garden is simply gorgeous - if I can get mine looking has as lovely, I will be more than delighted.

Pearl said...

What a tidy yard you have!


Pat said...

Parsnip: do you have to keep the doors closed to keep the animals in or the animals out - or both?

Naomio: yes there is a sad beauty about the Fall but happily I don't feel it this year.

LL Cool Joe: yes a proper heat wave so we went out and made the most of it at Dunster Beach. Leaves are good for mulching - so I'm told.

Marjolein: Oh you'll enjoy doing that and I'm sure it will look pretty. The snag is you have to look after them.

Sharon: I'm sure you will - it just takes a healthy disregard for garden rules and some gentle neglect.

Pearl: love the new photo but are you sure your specs are strong enough?

Judy (kenju) said...

It still looks pretty good there to me. My "garden" is almost bare.

lom said...

Leave the path pat, it gives the bugs somewhere to live and they in turn feed the birds. I am slowly getting our garden ready for it's winter sleep.

Macy said...

I'm putting off the evil day when I have to clear away the garden furniture - despite hardly having used it all summer mind you.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I love that first photo, the stark white against the dark sky.

It takes love to create a home like this. Love and effort.

angryparsnip said...

Pat, the answer is Yes, to both.
In Laguna Beach I had my back door open most of the year but in Tucson it is either too hot or creepy, crawly things can come in.
My studio door has a screen on it so I can keep that open when The Boys are outside so I can listen for the dogs bark in case something is outside that can jump the fence that wants to eat them.

I miss having my doors open all day and not just for a short time.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Judy: great! You said garden:)

LOM: well I'm certainly not touching it until the axeman cometh.

Macy: I do hope you are having this fantastic Indian Summer. I've been a bit lax about the garden furniture that isn't actually upholstered.

GG: it gets more love than effort these days.

Parsnip: I'd like a screen door. Even here we get insects coming in and any stray cat that fancies a snoop around. I have had horse chestnuts on the carpet to frighten spiders and I thought it had worked until tonight, when I picked up my sandal and saw a large spider. MTL in bed is quite used to the odd shriek.