Monday, September 26, 2011

Beauty Masks a Tragic History Part 1

We left the car in the Central car park in Porlock and
walked through the town until we reached the entrance to Sparkhayes Lane. Here we passed pretty gardens and 50 yards after Parks View we climbed some stone steps into Bay Road. When we reached its junction with Villes Lane we turned left onto a rough path - our first view of the sea.

The walk has some kissing gates - infinitely preferable to climbing stiles IMO.

Bossington Hill has always been a favourite but I was to learn its tragic history.

Here our orienteering went awry due to unclear instructions - so we skirted this field and had to retrace our steps.

Back on track - the lady in red was picking blackberries. She had two plastic bags bulging with the luscious fruit and was going to make jam.

I had to stop and chat to this charmer.

This - I think is near Sea Lane Bossington

Here is the shingle ridge above Bossington Beach. The top of the ridge is the perfect spot to stand and stare at the sea.
I couldn't resist shouting to T not to fall in after last season's excitement.
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Granny Annie said...

Did you have an apple for the "charmer"?

What is the "tragic history" of Bossington Hill? I tried to google it and came up with nothing other than it being a vacation spot and a historic site.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: no apple. I'm wary of feeding animals I don't know in case it upsets their regime.
Now Missus this is Part 1 and you will just have to be patient for Part 2 - tomorrow DV.
Googling indeed!
I was going to publish both together but I can't control the order they appear then - thanks to the vagaries of Blogger.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

It's a good thing Granny brought it up because I was going to chastise you for the "tragic history" tease. Let's have Part 2, now. Hup-hup.

Pat said...

UB: the thing is - yesterday I answered the phone in the drawing room and found I was doodling in the dust on the coffee table; this morning has been taken up with visiting bloggers - there's more to do and I simply have to do some dusting. So tomorrow it is. Don't hate me. I blame that Granny Annie;)

R. Sherman said...

Looks like a great day for a hike!


(BTW, I hope you're going to tell us the history in Part II.)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I too love staring at the sea...isn't it exciting? Takes me places [in my mind].

Haha, I still remember that stile-climbing adventure of yours :-D

Mike and Ann said...

Ann and I climbed Bossington Hill thirty or so years ago. I seem to remember a walk along cliff tops then up, round the back of the hill and back to the village. Does that sound right?

LL Cool Joe said...

You'd have been a bit shocked if that charmer spoke back wouldn't you? I recognise those grey clouds, but it's lovely today!


what a fabulous walk we've had with you pat - such wonderful countryside and the charmer really is quite the charmer! i know i've said it before but i so miss my time living at the beach - there is just something so out of this world about it - anyway, looking forward to your next installation, lady - oh, and when you're done with your dusting, i've a large place with all that moving in dust, if you're free! ;) have a lovely day, pat!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Looking forward to reading about the Tragic History of this Beautiful place....That Horse is Gorgeous! And he looks very friendly, too....!

angryparsnip said...

I am so envious ! What a beautiful day and walk !
Yes, please no more falling in the Sea for T !

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Randall: if I didn't I think UB would lynch me. Of course I will:)

GG: yes I was reminded of that adventure. At least this time I wasn't alone.

Mike and Ann: yes and there are two good tea places in the village. I did that with MTL and an old friend and broke my leg and the ambulance had to come up an incredibly rocky path. There were tears before bedtime.

LL Cool Joe: I guess I would. in fact the weather looked threatening but the only thing I got wet were my feet.

Gypsywoman: after all that I didn't get the dusting done. Don't tell UB.

Naomi: yes tomorrow for sure - barring accidents.

Parsnip: I think he learned his lesson ruining his precious mobile.

Judy (kenju) said...

You have such charming scenery in your surroundings!

lom said...

I was going to ask about the history too, looking forwards to it.

Pat said...

Judy: like you - we are lucky - or we chose well.

LOM: next installment up now.