Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Boys are back in town.

(That is #1 son and grandson)
After a long drive and threatening clouds they fancied a sandwich at The Old Ship Aground down on the Harbour
It's years since MTL and I were there. Next door is the tiny Fisherman's Chapel. Tuna on brown was very tasty.

Looking up the coast towards Watchet you can spot the white peaks of Butlin's - not to be sniffed at - it keeps the town alive in the winter
The Quantocks are in the background and the close hillock is Grabbist Hill

There used to be a Ferry to Cardiff and for years there has been talk of restoring it, butt it doesn't seem likely in the present climate.

We sat outside for about ten minutes and then escaped inside the pub which is quite spacious.

Pottering after lunch we admired the life-boat station.

Behind the pub, looking towards Porlock. There is the lower slopes of our hill - North Hill.

I have often written about Pinocchio's - our Italian restaurant; they have changed the name to Zest and have a new chef with 'fine dining' so that's where we planned to go in the evening, Meanwhile there was endless rugger and soccer matches on TV. Deep Joy!
More later.
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Scarlet Blue said...

I'd say enjoy! But you already are!!

P.S I have had an idea about Judy's malware problem.
Try subscribing to Google webmaster tools, and then this tool might tell you what the malware is. I don't know if this will work though.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I'm always deeply suspicious of a restaurant that suddenly rechristens itself as a "fine dining" establishment.

Do you refer to it as "soccer" in deference to your U.S. readers or is the term more interchangeable with "football" than I suspected? And what is rugger? Rugby?

Granny Annie said...

What is tuna on "brown"? What are The Quantocks and what is a hillock? Great photos!

debra said...

looks like a lovely day. My MIL used to talk about the days when she went to Wales---loved it there. She grew up in Chester, 5 miles form the Welsh border.

john.g. said...

Lovely, as usual, Mum2!

Pat said...

Scarlet: thanks for that

UB: you have a point about the 'fine dining. I enjoyed it - MTL found it expensive.
Re games : this is the blind leading the blind: soccer is a posh name for football but our football - association football - hence soccer- you DON'T touch the ball unless you are Maradonna (another story). Rugger is a posh word for Rugby and there you do hold the ball - most of the time.
A man would probably make it clearer. It's all Greek to me and I can hear my father rolling in his grave except that he is scattered on a Lancashire hill.

Granny Annie: tuna - the fish - on brown bread. Very nutritious.
The Quantocks are a range of Somerset hills. A hillock is a small hill.

Debra: it's always an experience going to Wales - I've had quite a few:) One - quite frightening - when I went on a rock climbing course, but the mountains are beautiful.

Pat said...

John.g: thank you John:)


oh, your beautiful images are "just like in a storybook"! ;) such an idyllic setting they all are - just beautiful - makes one want to hope the next boat there - and a wonderful time with THE BOYS - thanks so much for sharing -

Sharon Longworth said...

Lovely pictures and I don't need to say have a wonderful time - I'm sure you have been.
Apropos of nothing - I was absolutely captured by the name of Grabbist Hill - I'm sure there's a story there somewhere.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is SOOOO Pretty there, Pat....Every picture is a "postcard" of Beautiful Britain....How nice to have more family there, my dear....!

AND, you will be happy to know I did the "ADD" with your URL and that is how I got here today....!
I thanked Judy, and I thank you with all my heart, too....It's fun to be able to see who has updated and when...!

nursemyra said...

It all looks so idyllic and peaceful

Pat said...

Gypsywoman: its not bad for a seaside town.

Sharon: I ought to know but I don't.
"The nearby hill, Grabbist, was originally heather-covered before tree plantation and was described as the "Purple headed mountain"."

Naomi: yes the 'add' is a good discovery isn't it?

Nursemyra: most of the time itis- inspite of Butlin's.

Vagabonde said...

I am caught up with all your posts. I’d like to go to the Royal Oak in Exmoor – I have not had a pub lunch for a long time. I used to go to a Royal Oak in Essex years ago – wonderful friendly atmosphere.

I did try to go to the blog Imagine yesterday as someone had mentioned it but then a terrible looking red tag said “Attack site” or something like that. I wonder how this happened. I clicked on “Judy” from you sight, but it came back “page not found – the page does not exist.”

I liked your photos showing the sea – I have not seen the sea for a while and miss it.

Vagabonde said...

I went back to your post and clicked on the first time you mentioned Judy and arrived on her site. It was the last Judy which did not work on your post, the one where you say “just click on Judy.”

mapstew said...

Speaking of 'current climates', yours looks ab fab! :¬)


kenju said...

I always enjoy your photos, Pat. And I appreciate the mention and the attempts at help from your readers.

R. Sherman said...

Great photos. Is the second to last a life boat station?

BTW, the entire concept of "lunch" is based upon the tuna sandwich.


Mike and Ann said...

Walked to the top of Grabbist the last time we stayed in Dunster (about thirty years ago, I think). Incredible views from up there. I don't know what the derivation of the name is, but there's supposed to have been an iron age hill fortress there, and it's also supposed to have been the origin of the 'purple headed mountain' in the hymn 'All things bright and beautiful'.

Eryl said...

I didn't know Butlins was still going. My mother took us there when I was in my mid teens, I remember being terribly excited, then terribly disappointed.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, more and more you make me want to visit England again. The BBC ads, "You're invited" are not helping either!

I feel good just looking at these photos.

Pat said...

Vagabonde: links are not my strong point. At least one worked and Judy seems to be back to normal.

Mapstew: that's what we like to hear:)

Pat said...

Judy: I hope it was helpful and you have no further trouble

Randall: the one with the flag flying.
It was meant to be a small lunch as we were eating out in the evening.

Mike and Ann: we did it also - probably about the same time when we first came here. Oh no that was '85. I didn't know about the hymn.

Eryl: I've never stayed there but my first husband once took the boys whilst I swanned of to France.

GG: how can you resist a invitation from the BBC?