Friday, September 09, 2011

Good News.

Wednesday – the day before the procedure (colonoscopy) – was a bit harrowing, because if you don’t get it right, ending with a clear bowel, the procedure may have to be repeated which is what happened last time. It starts with the first dose of Picolax before 8 am and MTL assures me, unlike the American potion, the taste is innocuous. The second dose is taken between 2 and 4pm. A light breakfast is allowed and a light lunch and then no more solid food, milk or other dairy products are allowed until after the procedure the following day. Clear fluids are encouraged throughout the day.

On Thursday we rose at 4.30 am – neither of us liked to have to rush and we left promptly at 6am, with our overnight bags – just in case. The traffic was minimal and in spite of the giant X-ray van being at the hospital on Thursdays we managed an excellent parking spot. We were early but were shown to our room and eventually various staff came doing checks and double checks. We had a sweet nurse named Charlotte who was great at answering our questions.

MTL was first on the list starting at 9am and Mr M – our surgeon came about 8.30 remarking how well MTL looked and how he was getting younger all the time and it was probably time for him to get his gown on. I had great plans to walk through the grounds and cross the busy road to the little post office and get a top –up for my new mobile and a Daily Telegraph, but in the end once he had been wheeled off I just sat – like tripe at four pence - until he returned about 9.40 am looking quite cheerful.

He was told he could now have some tea and order a meal. Charlotte had brought me tea earlier which was much appreciated. As MTL had had some sedation we wouldn’t be allowed to leave for a couple of hours and Mr M would see us before we left. Before long he was tucking into scrambled egg with smoked salmon on muffins – aided by me as he was still tied up to buzzers and pingers – his first meal for 24 hours.

Then he was allowed to get dressed but not to remove his identity bracelet until we actually departed. Soon Mr M came bounding in – still in his theatre scrubs. Everything went well – it was all quite ‘normal’ we would have a CT scan in February and if that was clear we would be ‘discharged and ‘cured’.

We never count our chickens but we both felt enormously cheerful as we left for home – to be driven by a ‘responsible adult’ - (that’ll be me.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your invaluable support and good wishes.

Charlotte: Have you any valuables I can put in the safe?

MTL: Pat is my most valuable asset. Can you put her in the safe?


Rog said...

Ah, that sounds very good! What a relief to have got that over with - have a lovely weekend the pair of you!

Mickle in NZ said...

What wonderful news to read. I know myself that colonoscopies are never pleasant - especially the prep! I'm now minus most of my colon (though because of Crohn's disease rather than cancer). Fingers crossed for MTL's February scan.

I hope you have a gloriously happy and relaxed weekend, enjoying each other's company and the beauty of late summer.

Sending much care and many huggles,

Michelle and a snoozling Zebby Cat, xxxx and puRRRRumbles

kenju said...

The last line made me tear up and smile too!! How sweet of him.

I am so glad to know that the report was good!

Sharon Longworth said...

Wonderful news - I'm so glad for you both x

R. Sherman said...

I'm so happy for you and YTL. Continued good thoughts and prayers your way for a clean CT scan.


Leah said...

This really is beautiful news.

john.g. said...

Made my weekend! xx

Guyana-Gyal said...

Phewwww. Relief.

I hate hospitals so much that, while reading this, I was tense!

Enjoy your weekend, both of you.

Pearl said...

Oh, I like you two.

Wishing you both a relaxing weekend.


Pat said...

Rog: we've been sleeping like babies since. Apparently the weather is going to be foul this weekend but I don't care!!

Mickle: what a lot you have been through. I'm glad you have Zebby cat to look after you.

Judy: it made me laugh - shutting me up in safe.

Sharon: thank you:)

Randall: your prayers will always be welcome but I'm not going to think about February for ages although I did mention to MTL that it would be good to be especially careful with his diet.

Leah:thank you:)

John.g: that is sweet of you:)

GG: already I'm wondering if we could have a little break. MTL agrees in principle!

Pearl: the feeling is mutual:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So very very glad it all went well and had such a positive outcome...!
When you said "WE" I thought, 'Oh, they are both having a colonoscopy ...' Which would have been a bit much--but, that's what I thought....Especially when you said MTL was taken should have known, my dear that "WE" was the way you both do things together---And I can certainly see why your dear MTL said YOU are his greatest asset...! And of course, one of you has to be the 'responsible adult', with a proceedure like that....

The day before is really quite a nightmare, isn't it? The preparation....(HELP!!!)...I woke up during my colonoscopy---Oh The Pain....!!! So, both days were pretty horrific for me....!

Charlie said...

Such good news, Pat. YTL didn't have to dump his colonoscopy prep in the potted plants after all!

And I love his final remark.

Pat said...

Naomi: poor you - that must have been awful. I hope you had plenty of support.

Charlie: you have been and are much in my thoughts.
Re potted plants: no I watched him like a hawk. He said it was fruit flavoured. I wonder if the powers that be in the international medical world share their knowledge because I'm sure we could all learn from each other.xox

angryparsnip said...

Oh Pat.
I know this is late but such a relief to read this at 11:30 Friday night.

Such good news and I cried at YTL's comment what a lovely wonderful heartfelt remark.

I am so relived and happy for you both.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Parsnip: thank you for your warm support. There is relief and happiness all around.

Macy said...

Yay! What a change to read good news on a blog. And in time for the weekend too!

Pat said...

Macy: it's a happy task - spreading it. Have a good one.

debra said...

Catching up--so glad for the good news! And thanks for sharing music, dogs and lovely photos, Pat.

Granny Annie said...

I was so moved by MTL's comment about you being his most valuable asset. My husband, too, is most appreciative of me as he has relied on my help through his ordeal. Isn't it wonderful to be appreciated? So glad all is well.

Pat said...

Debra: it is a pleasure:)

Granny Annie: it makes it all worth while doesn't it. It was a nice surprise - particularly saying it to someone else.

Mike and Ann said...

Jolly good.

P.s. This is, of course, English restraint and understatement.

Z said...

Wonderful news, and that is another understatement. I too have tears in my eyes. Love to both of you xxx

Nea said...


So where are you planning to make a break for? Please can we come too? Unless you're heading for the safe ;)

I'm not good at hugs, but here's 2 big ones coming your way: ∞∞ (they shrank when I typed them in, sorry)

And some kisses too: XXXXXXXXXXXX


oh, dear pat - a beautiful story with a beautiful "safe" ending! how refreshing to read of couples such as you and YTL - i thought of me and MTL as i read the "safe" lines and wondered of the years before we will be together again - your own story gives such hope and promise - my heart thanks you for sharing -

again - such wonderful news for you both - hugs - gypsy

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: thank you - restraint is what I'm used to:)

Z: thank you - hope you had a wonderful day.

Nea: hugs and kisses - restrained of course - gratefully received. Not one to hang around - the break is done and dusted - a week in October. Only the other side of Taunton but it has a lot going for it. Not least Chard of Rourke's Drift last resting place. That's for MTL who's potty about 'Zulu'
And we can go to the cinema - a rare treat these days. There's a spare twin bedded room in the cottage - on a farm.

Gypsywoman: I hope for your happy ending too. One must never lose hope. With us extra time together is such a bonus and we shouldn't waste it.

lom said...

I am so happy for you I am actual crying. Love to you both

Pat said...

LOM: xox.

Ponita in Real Life said...

So glad to hear this wonderful news, Pat! Big hugs to you and YTL!!! xoxo

Pat said...

Ponita: thank you - I'll pass it on:)

The Cloudcutter said...

I hope things only get better and better. You deserve it.
I love the last lines the best. Your husband is a gem :-)