Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Clinging to the Wreckage.

John Mortimer’s wonderful title was ringing in my ears all day yesterday as our trio’s horizons get ever closer. We arrived at our local railway station - where the line ends – and I took photographs of the flower bed. Originally Joy had been asked to ‘open it’ to coincide with the 80th anniversary of Townswomen’s Guild and Joy’s 80th birthday.

There is a café - new to me - so we sat in blistering sunshine, drank a good cappuccino and exchanged news. For the first time since Margaret left we melded as a threesome and didn’t feel there was such a gaping hole – although when I said did they have any message for Margaret when I phoned her later Joy said:

‘Tell her to come home – all is forgiven.’

We then drove to Dunster and wandered down the high street deciding where to have lunch. There were lots of tourists who seem to delight in bunching up on the narrow cobbled pavement causing one to stop in one’s tracks and cause a bottle neck or risk stepping into the relentless traffic. Do not attempt to visit Dunster without comfortable flatties – we were all suitably shod – and it’s still a challenge walking very far.

We had an enjoyable lunch at the aptly named Cobblestones café and by the time the last drop of cream had been lapped we were all in that lovely state of feeling better for a good chat and some unburdening. There was only one loo which we didn’t need to use but the empty table next to us gradually filled with both sexes waiting to use the facilities and enjoying good nature badinage. So much for the stereo typed English person.

We discovered an excellent book shop and the owner said he was interested in buying books old and new, hard and paper backs but condition was key. If there were sufficient he would collect. As we have books scattered over three floors I took his card but this morning having a cursory look I didn’t feel I was ready to part with any that he would be interested in.

We ended up in a large emporium near the car park and I bought a pretty coral cardigan which is light enough for these summer days with a breeze. We determined to visit Margaret by train before the summer is out. Both Jackie and Joy have birthdays in August so the trip will be a treat for one of them. It will be a long tiring day trip but neither Joy nor I are happy about leaving our spouses overnight. You never know what they’d get up to. I’m joking;)

Before we had lunch I nipped into the photographer’s in Friday Street and got him to print copies of the garden photos so that all three girls can have a copy. I’ve never been sure how to deal with the memory stick so let him do it. I took more photos later until my batteries ran out. They were new and I was beginning to think they would last for ever. Not so – I know Naomi - I should take spare but I always feel they should be charged first.

This morning I couldn’t get the photos to transfer to my computer no matter what I did. I went down to the kitchen to get some moral support from MTL – he is worse than I am on technical matters – and in the midst of telling him, broke off to remove some pesky pebble in my Ug slippers and there was the memory stick. Miraculously I managed to replace it and get it to work – hence the photos. Back to the computer and Firefox had bounced me off line. Is it just me?


mapstew said...

A grand day with pals!

(And yes, ye can't be leaving us men on our own overnight, the divilment we get up to on our own!) :¬)


Pat said...

Mapstew: does Mrs Mapstew know?

savannah said...

how DID the memory stick end up in y'alls slipper, sugar? :~) re Firefox, i noticed the time of your entry, did the time math and around that same time here (don't ask why i was awake, i haven't a clue) firefox was acting up here, too! i ended up having to shut down completely and restart! technology is going crazy on us! xoxoxoxo

kenju said...

No, it isn't just you. I'm having trouble too, although mine is related to an older computer that needs replacing.

Lovely photo of the flower bed!

R. Sherman said...

Great photos of a great time. I'm glad you had the chance to go, and the weather looks perfect.


lom said...

I gave up on firefox ages ago, I couldn't get on or into anything using it.

Pat said...

Savannah: how DID the memory stick end up in y'alls slipper, sugar? :~)
It's one of those imponderables that I think it's better not to pry into too deeply:)
The Firefox thing happens all too often and as you know the only thing is to pull out the plug and start all over.

Judy: My computer is also pretty long in the tooth. Yes I like the photo too and the girls giggling. I had asked them to look intelligent.

Randall: typically now everybody is yearning for rain.

LOM: I never know how I got involved with the various names in the first place and wouldn't have a clue how to change.

angryparsnip said...

What a lovely day and the Minehead Train Station is charming and the flowers are beautiful.
Reminds me of lots of the smaller train stations in Japan.
Several have mascots and one has a very famous cat Tama, who lives in the Kishikawa Train Station.

cheers, parsnip

Kim Ayres said...

With regard to the Firefox thing, it's now got this extra feature which is supposed to stop it crashing when online video things play up, but it also seems to use up extra computer processing power. I think if your computer is slightly older, or has a lot of programmes running, it's not helping.

I'm toying with the idea of trying out Google Chrome, which is supposed to be quite quick and good. If I do, I'll let you know how I get on.

As for the books, every time we've decided we should get rid of some and gone through the endless bookcases, we've rarely found more than one or 2, and then decided to put them back

Maggie said...

Oh, I am so charmed. Thank you. Here all is cold and grey, and you fill my house with friendship and flowers. All I have to offer today are sheets.

Pat said...

Parsnip: there is always talk of the line being extended so the train could go to Taunton and tie up with the London train but we don't hold our breath.

Kim: my performance has improved since I got a netgear thingy. But i think sometimes there is overload in the area and we get bumped off. I'll be interested in how you get on.

Maggie: sheets are good especially if they are white and have been billowing in the fresh air;)

mapstew said...

Mrs. Map knows that I have been nothing but miserable and lonely the few times she has been away overnight in the twenty years (20th of this month!) we have been married. :¬)


Pat said...

Mapstew: that's lovely to hear - you are blessed and let me be the first to congratulate you both. Here's to many more.

Eryl Shields said...

The flower bed is absolutely beautiful, other railway stations should take note.

I'm glad you had a nice day and you are beginning to feel less lost without Margaret.

Ugg slippers in this weather, do you suffer from cold feet?!

Pat said...

Eryl: they are my first thing in the morning footwear- then it's Teva sandals. The slippers are past their sell by date - I must replace them - so easy to slip into first thing and I'm likely to flit round the garden to inspect the troops. Shuffle shuffle shuffle! It's all glamour here;)

sablonneuse said...

Lovely to hear about your girls'day out and, like your other visitors I agree the flowerbed looks wonderful.

As for Firefox I'm still using it but can't get the hang of deleting bookmarks so have a list a mile long.

Pat said...

Sandy; yes the girls can be proud of their flower bed.
I have my # 1 son and grandson coming next week so they usually tidy me up - blogwise and shake their heads with disbelief that anyone can be so disorganised.

rashbre said...

Quite an amount covered in that post. Mainly in the sunshine too.

I can't help thinking that the train turntable looks like the one in an old Airfix Kit? Maybe a google search is in order.

Pat said...

Rashbre: they are very proud of it and I must try to see it in action this summer.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like such a wonderful day, Pat...There is nothing like old GOOD Friends to warm the heart and remind you of the better things in life!

Yes...I know about the! I always carry a set of "spares" with me, because just when I think the batteries will last forever, they are ready to be!

Such beautiful pictures of a BEAUTIFUL area. I always feel I have had a little Visit to England when you post your pictures and it makes me feel soooo very good, my dear. Thank You for that and for sharing your lovely day with your good good friends, with all of us.