Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garden Update.

Boy am I having problems with posting this morning. I only wanted a little light distraction. That'll teach me.
Below two honeysuckles - the pink one has no fragrance but is pretty and the lemon/white one has a pleasant smell.

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Granny Annie said...

kenju is having problems with her computer this morning too. So far, so good for me:)

mapstew said...

You garden puts us all to shame! :¬)

have a good weekend Pat.


Pat said...

Granny Annie: make the most of it. You may be next:)

Mapstew: you know I only show the best bits when Picasa allows it. The last lot just won't make the journey from the camera to my pictures although I had a tantalising glimpse on the screen.

Dave King said...

Snap, I've been having problems too. Worth the effort getting on for those images.

Pat said...

Dave: that's nice to hear:)