Friday, July 02, 2010

I’ll Drink to That

Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it.
Woody Allen

Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away.
Arthur Helps

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
Albert Einstein

The rich are different from you and me because they have more credit.
John Leonard

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.
Rudyard Kipling

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
Walter Winchell

Give me gold clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner and you can keep the golf clubs and fresh air.
Jack Benny

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams

A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.
Frank Capra

Those that are most slow in making promises are the most faithful in the performance of it.
Jean Jacques Rousseau/

A memoir is how one remembers one’s own life, while an autobiography is history, requiring research, dates, facts double checked.
Gore Vidal


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Dooby-dooby doooo
Frank Sinatra

Scarlet Blue said...

Jean Jacques Rousseau gets my vote.

Kim Ayres said...

That Scott Adams one is going to get reused around here :)

Pat said...

UB: indeed;)

Scarlet: ain't it the truth.

Kim; good! His fame is spreading.

angryparsnip said...

I rater like Frank Capra's although Scott Adams is so true for me.

cheers, parsnip

TLP said...

What a wonderful post!

This is one we can all put to use today. THIS VERY DAY: "Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away."
Arthur Helps

Pat said...

Parsnip; both very relevant to anyone concerned with the arts.

TLP: thank you. It's true isn't it?

Eryl Shields said...

Strikes me that your marriage is the living embodiment of Rousseau's words!

I need to have Scott Adams' quote tattooed on my forehead, though I pretty much live by the Frank Capra!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I like these quotes, a whole lot! The first one of Woody Allen is so truly funny, and the last by Gore Vidal...well, it doesn't go far enough for me. These days many autobigoraphy's are terribly inaccurate and personal feelings have crept in. I'm thinking of one book in particular, but there are many that are NOT really factual--as is the book I am thinking of.....I'll take a "memoir" any day....!

kenju said...

I like Woody's quote - it would be terrible not to be dressed for it...

Pat said...

Eryl: I think you've got something there - said with wry smile - I'll tell MTL.
Those two quotes a revelant to all artists.

Naomi: Vidal's definition reassures me that my book is definitely a memoir.

Judy: as you know I believe in being suitably dressed at all times. Must go and change out of my pegnoir:)

Granny Annie said...

I have read these twice to try and pick a favorite but I like each and every one.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: that's good to know:)

R. Sherman said...

Woody Allen is always a "go to" for great quotes.


BrightenedBoy said...

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

That is so true. There are few people like that in the world.

Pat said...

Randall: he can paly the sax too;)

BBoy : I live with one - I'm happy to say;)

Nea said...

All good stuff, thanks Pat!

Now, I have to go and find out more about Scott Adams.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Hate to be pedantic but Woody Allen plays clarinet. I just watched Manhattan and Purple Rose again - he IS a genius.

Pat said...

Nea; me too;)

Daphne: where would I be without my experts? I was lazy and should have checked but saxophone sounded right although the reediness of the clarinet suits him better.

Blazing said...

Jack Benny was entirely wrong!

Maggie said...

Ah, delightful. I'm smiling. Capra is right on, but Helps comment applies to you. Thank you so much for your notes of the last few days. :)

Pat said...

Blazing: I must say I love my fresh air.

Maggie: My hunches nag like anything until I do something about it.
I enjoy visiting your blog - it's a pleasure. BTW I have just heard that my grandson - after months of unemployment has got a job.

Nea said...

Good for him. If the job situation is anything like here, it's not easy.

Pat said...

Nea: especially if you are non academic. Fortunately he has IT skills.