Thursday, November 12, 2009

Idle Chit Chat.

Don’t you just love it when some one read your archives?

On September 17th 2006 I wrote:

When Kate first showed me a snap of Plas y Nant I knew it was going to be a special place. Betws Garmon is five miles SE of Caernarvan – an area of mountains, llyns, (lakes) waterfalls and glens. Plas itself was a rambling old building in grounds that begged to be explored and with a fantastic view of the Elephant and Llyn Quellyn. In February the Elephant – you can guess its shape - was diamond encrusted as a result of all the minute slivers of ice scattered over it.

Because of the time of year Kate and I were the only guests, with an influx of walkers at the week-end. This didn’t trouble us as we both needed respite and
Lena, the manager made sure we got it. It was a Christian Fellowship Home and Kate was a bit worried about my finger nails. Off duty I wore Peggy Sage nail varnish and Kate thought Lena might be shocked. However since my break up with Jamie a bit of steel had entered my soul and I no longer felt obliged to try desperately to please everybody.

Lena was a gentle looking lady –slight, with fuzzy hair and large owlish glasses. She had complete control over all guests at all times, even the rowdy ones in the larger parties. We were privileged to have her undivided attention and I certainly found peace and tranquillity. One of the charming customs of the house – when it was occupied by men and women - was the evening ritual when the men would gather outside the conservatory and serenade the women with ‘Good Night Ladies.’ I can’t remember what we sang to them and neither can Kate.’

This week I received this e-mail:

“Hi Pat,

You might like to know that the song the girls sang to the boys in response to their "Goodnight Ladies" was as follows

sung to the tune "All through the Night"

Fondly then I dream of thee, love

All through the night

Waking still thy form I see, love

All through the night

When this mortal toil is over

May my gentle spirit hover

O'er the bed where sleeps my lover

All through the Night.

Hope I've got it right - I must have sung it many, many times over the years.

Try singing it, you will be reminded of that wonderful place Plas-y-Nant. I met my husband there in 1960.

Unfortunately it is now up for sale again but we have been fortunate to be able to have several years of re-unions with old friends there since 2000.

Best wishes

Plasite, Pam.”

Quit a few of us had a romance in Plas. I remember Gerhardt a young German boy – it was just after the war. Such gentle times – we were both strongly attracted to each other but we never kissed – just held hands and stared dreamily at each other. After all I was only 19.

Progress is being made; I collect my new specs today the pelvic floor exercises are proving successful and an op is no longer on the agenda. (Girls it’s never too early to tighten up. Read ‘Love your Gusset’ by Grace Dorey.)


Jimmy Bastard said...

An enduring post as ever hen, but you lost me on the pelvic floor.

Pat said...

Jimmy: no stranger there Jimmy shureley?

Queenie said...

Hurrah hurrah no op, that's the BEST news!

Pat said...

Queenie: thank you. I'm inclined to agree:)

Pat said...
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R. Sherman said...

Was that the same German lad you mentioned in this post from September 22, 2006? I wrote about that post here, if you recall.

My we're a couple of the "old guard," non?


Pat said...

Randall: the very same! And not only could I not do the links - I couldn't find the wretched post!
Thank Heaven for Randall say I:)xoxox

Scarlet Blue said...

This is lovely, Pat.
My Mum has some similar pics, though taken earlier.

john.g. said...

Mum2, yeah! No op!

sablonneuse said...

Glad you don't need an op. Keep up the exercises. In France they prescribe 20 sessions of physio for (what I imagine is) that problem and I don't want to go through that indignity again so I'm pelvic flooring like mad!

Charlie said...

I agree that no op is wonderful news. And your stories, even if this is a re-run, are equally wonderful.

Pardonnez-moi for flirting, but you were (and are) quite a dish.

Pat said...

Scarlet; it would be lovely to see them.

John.G :)

Sandy: I'm supposed to do it sitting standing and lying three times a day but in fact I do it whenever I think of it. OOh and lifting the floor when walking and NOT lifting anything heavy like pots in the garden.

Charlie : it's just youth - pure and simple - especially simple:)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat, for that last sentence alone you should be treasured!

Jimmy Bastard said...

Ahhh... I looked it up, gotcha. Pelvic floor is the posh blockwork that makes up the effect of parque?

Yes? ; )

Four Dinners said...

Sorting out a stray cat at the mo for an elderley German lady called Crista. Very nice and very germanic!

Has a crackin' pic of her dad on the mantlepiece in his SS uniform. Looks very smart. Hope he wasn't one of the bad'n's mind.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love when out of nowhere, something you have written about years before, gets a reaction or answer....This Is A GREAT Story, my dear! Glad to rewad about the Pelvic excercises...Do tell us what they are! (lol)

Pat said...

Naomi: re pelvic floor: tighten up as if you are trying not to pee or fart (do forgive me) tighten to the count of 10 and relax to the count of 10. Do this 3 times - standing , sitting and lying, twice a day. I probably do it whenever I think it.

Pat said...

Kevin: that was meant just for the girls:)

Jimmy: shurely no stranger to you Jimmy?

FourD: I'm sure Crista's Dad would be a good'un. You and your cats!

savannah said...

i'm so late responding, but good news re: no op, sugar! xoxox

Pat said...

Savannah: it's not the op I mind so much as the risk of picking up something in hospital. My Matrons and Sisters must be rolling in their graves.