Friday, November 06, 2009

Instow is down the coast from Fremington. Going up the coast you come to the Tarka Inn which is a landmark for miles around. We had lunch - appreciating the roaring fire and good food. The great thing is the Tarka Trail runs right along the coast here.

Down the path I reached another part of the Tarka Trail and decided to wander up it to see the lie of the land.

A different atmosphere to Instow
brooding and mysterious

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sablonneuse said...

bearing in mind the cold, wet weather here, that photo of the roaring fire was my favourite.

Four Dinners said...

My bro and sister in law go to Instow a lot.

Hence I avoid it like the plague....

Looks very nice though. Perhaps I can convince them to go somewhere else...They do keep inviting us but they get the hump soon as I buy a idea what they think by pint 6 as they've usually left with the huff by then

rashbre said...

The Tarka trail links back to that story about the otter.

It reminds me of a pub near where I used to live, which had a large butler's sink in the back garden and a big sign "Beware of the Water Otter".

We'd casually take people to see it and after grabbing the ominous chain which disappeared under the murky water, we'd splash around and finally reveal.


A kettle.

Pat said...

Sandy: it was a joy on a rather gloomy day.

FourD: it is difficult when families have different drinking habits. I hope you can make it sometime without them.

Rashbre: you rascal you:)