Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Late Start

The early sun didn’t fool me for a moment and sure enough the Heavens opened. We had already decided to put shopping on the back burner. Christmas is more or less sorted and personal shopping seems inappropriate just now. So a simple lunch then we’re off to Hatch Beauchamp.

This made me laugh: Roy Hudd – the physical embodiment of old Music Hall was talking on the radio about his memoirs – forget the celebrity tripe – this will have a lifetime of laughter and tears between its covers. He was an evacuee and used to love getting letters from his mother who – sadly - suffered from depression. When winter came she sent him a parcel containing his winter overcoat. She wrote that because of the expense of postage she had cut off the buttons. And the buttons were in the left hand pocket.

The sad part was that Roy was mostly brought up by his Gran and his mother committed suicide. No-one told Roy and she was never mentioned until one day his Gran said:
‘Your mother’s dead. And there isn’t a Father Christmas.’

His Gran used to say he was like a fart in a colander he was so lively and his wife
(who I believe is Lancastrian) said he must use that as the title. And he has.
Back soon.


Kim Ayres said...

With a childhood like that, I guess you either grow up to be an addict of something destructive, or a comedian (or sometimes both)

R. Sherman said...

"Fart in a colander" is one I've not heard.


The Cloudcutter said...

I have no clue who you're talking about but I enjoyed reading it. Funny-sad is so true!

john.g. said...

See you soon. The blog is back!

Charlie said...

I can't say it any better than Kim did because he's absolutely right.

Have a wonderful time, lovebirds.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Isn't everyone's childhood a chore?

lom said...

The cloudcutter is so right

apprentice said...

He is a national treasure. And you've done your Christmas shopping! I've not even got over my denial that it is going to happen yet :)

Santi said...

Guyana-Gyal said...

I have no idea who Roy Hudd is but I think I like him.

The things we survive!

Pat said...

Kim: I'm glad he chose the boards;)

Randall:my interpretation is - something that cannot be contained - which would seem apt for such a mischievous little boy.

CC: I tried to get a you tube of him but they don't do him justice. He is an old time comedian who has blossomed into an actor.

JohnG: good - I'll be round later:)

Charlie: thank you:)

Jimmy: some more that others methinks.
LOM: she often is:)

Anna: one does less these days. It tends to be money rather than those endless presents to be wrapped.

GG: I think you would find him hilarious:)