Monday, October 19, 2009


Not quite firing on all cylinders – I blame the ‘flu jab – but it’s just the two of us – visitors gone and a peaceful time to recuperate. Incidentally our French son, who has just left and been a brick as usual, foolishly asked his daughter what she would like him to bring back for her and she wanted an Exmoor pony having seen them on the moor when she was here. I think my poor kids must have had a hard life – no choices - but that’s how it was.

One bit of news that lifted my spirits was that Jimmy is back and Honey’s tumour has shrunk and I’m going to have a special tincture tonight to celebrate. Years ago our son’s FIL gave me some of his eau de vie and when I raved about it promised to make me some. Apparently it has been sitting in our son’s wine cellar for years but at last he has delivered it. Your bonny wee health Jimmy and Honey!

Checking on the house and garden MTL was puzzled to see one of our stone frogs in front of the garage when they are normally on one of the terraces in the front garden. Bending down to pick it up it jumped about 10’ and gave him a fright. We never normally see frogs here. He is not exactly a nature boy – whilst on holiday we were just getting out of the car to have lunch at Instow and – camera at the ready I spotted a butterfly on one of the plants on the sand hills.

Pat (whispering): Darling don’t make a noise I want to catch this butterfly.

Car door slams.

Pat: Bugger!

Turns round to glare at MTL and sees little old lady.

Pat: Sorry!

MTL: You frightened that little old lady!

Actually she gave me a conspiratorial grin and the butterfly came back.

PS The eau de vie – made from cherries - nearly blew my socks off.

PPS. I’m really enjoying a thriller by our own Rashbre. The Triangle is an excellent read.

PPPS. I’ve already had Blogger trouble today and – feeling delicate am not going to attempt links but Jimmy, Honey and Rashbre are all on my side bar. Take a look.

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R. Sherman said...

I'm glad all is well. Get back to all cylinders soon, dear.


savannah said...

always a delight to see y'all's name at the top of the sidebar, sugar! get some rest and see y'all soon! xoxoxox

(thanks for all the kind words of support, darlin!)

Pat said...

Randall: just revving up again:)

Savannah: thank you - I'll be round when I've reduced the mountain of laundry:)

Four Dinners said...

Frightening little old lady's? Disgraceful behaviour...;-)

Glad your feeling better. We have four kamikaze frogs in our pond. They keep hopping around in front of the cats. Lost count of the number of rescue missions I've been sent on.

sablonneuse said...

Lovely to see you're back and you'll soon be back to normal as well. Good news about Honey.
Enjoy the cherry eau de vie. Is it made from cherries soaked in alcohol or is the distilled variety?

Z said...

We've got lots of frogs in the garden. Of course, if I catch one, I give it a kiss - just to see if anything happens...

Pat said...

Four D: I hang my head in shame. I wonder who has most fun - the frogs or the cats?

Sandy: as far as I can make out it's macerated cherries distilled. I couldn't understand why it was colourless but M says it's the distillation. It had been made in '83 but Mon Dieu it was/is strong.

Z: fingers crossed you get lucky:)

Keith said...

Ah Oui! la "eau de vie"! Great stuff for getting the drains clean, or cleaning bicycle chains.

angryparsnip said...

Good to see your post ! Love the pictures as always.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Keith: I believe you:)

Parsnip: thank you:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL...A "special tincture"...I LOVE IT! I am going to use that phrase from now on...and I don't care if people think I am giving them some kind of Cough!
I dearly love the REAL Frog jumping away from your dear!

And it's good to hear that your 'special tincture' was indeed, So Very Very VERY Special!
Welcome back my dear Pat....and do feel better very quickly!

Jimmy Bastard said...

There was a small but vital piece of the jigsaw missing during your absence Pat. I genuinely missed your slant on life, and the smile you always bring to my face.

Welcome home hen, and I hope you feel better soon.

Pootle said...

Loved the story about the butterfly and the little old lady! Hope you had a great hol.

Pat said...

Naomi: thank you - I'm practically normal again.

Jimmy: all the better for seeing you John Anderson my Jo John.

Pootle: I must watch my language - I don't want tn frighten the horses.

Guyana-Gyal said...

A happy post with a frog and all! Now I can smile while I teach the miserable student [he's the only miserable one] :-)

I love that bit of news about Honey.

Pat said...

GG: isn't it lovely when prayers and wishes bear fruit.

flying eagle woman said...

oh Pat...I do love that you had "special tincture" to celebrate happy to have found your little place here and have thoroughly enjoyed the visit so far!

Pat said...

Flying EW: welcome - glad you like it so far and come again:)