Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Snippet


It is unlikely I’ll be able to visit before Wednesday, when the Darlings depart. I know lots of you are in the same boat and will understand. Bliss is: having grandchildren who love to cook – I’m happy being kitchen maid. The elder – he of ‘Nothing but Super Heroes Band’ (presently resting) has just heard he has got what he needs for his preferred university so joy all around.

In spite of lowering weather –ooooh the sun has just popped out – we are finishing off the Coleridge Way today DV - but backwards. The last bit down into Porlock is very steep and our last walk was over very rocky terrain which resulted in my losing big toe nails – so we’ll go backwards uphill. This makes map reading and instructions quite hard to follow but fortunately # 1 son doesn’t take after his Ma in this respect.

Hope all is well with all of you.xoxo


john.g. said...


Walking uphill backwards sounds fun! Too much wine?

PI said...

John.g: moi? Nevaire!
Mission accomplished.

R. Sherman said...

Have fun and be safe.


Z said...

Well done, Elder Grandson. Congratulations.

And have a lovely time with the family.

PI said...

Randall; all well - thank you. Met an interesting German today and thought of you. He was trying to expain why he was painting numbers on apples and it was rather complicated involving Byron's daughter, Freud, Burnage and early computing. If I can make sense of it I'll write further.

Z: thanks from both of us. I keep popping over to see if anything has happened.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I know about being snowed under or, in my case "Viewed Out" things will get back to normal for all of us...SOON!

Sophie said...

Hello! Thanks for popping in, I will definitely take a closer look at your blog when I have more time to spend in front of the computer (didn't think holidays could be so hectic!!).
We had a great time at Sandy's, she's such a lovely lady.

Anonymous said...

Pat look


sablonneuse said...

All things 'directional' require a male brain, in my opinion. I've never been good at finding my way but my son has been able to put me right since he was about six!
Anyway, glad to hear you didn't get lost.

kenju said...

Good to know you're okay (except for the toenails). Enjoy the rest of the family days.

PI said...

Naomi: getting there - slowly:)

Sophie: welcome and pop in any time.

Anon: thank you for the award.

Sandy: yes! Vive la difference:)

Judy: all gone now and time to brace ourselves for the next lot.