Sunday, January 06, 2008


This made me smile:

"Sorry to hear your feeling less than 100%.

Take it easy and keep Taunton as something to look forward to.

Then one day (or night would be better) ideally near an old fashioned
aircraft with its engines ticking over, you can look YTL in the eye and
say, "We'll always have Taunton."

And drink plenty of water!

I'm off to my friend M's house in a minute to watch Blade Runner on his
posh telly. J and I went to Trowbridge earlier and tomorrow we'll
probably go to Salisbury - now thata's living! Taunton - Pah! "

The cloud seems to be lifting - try as I might I can't get out of italics. Tomorrow it's Taunton or bust!


john.g. said...


Lean the other way!

PI said...

Johng: oh is that what it is?

R. Sherman said...

Actually, YTL should be the one to say it, and he should be wearing a fedora. Geez, everywhere I turn there are Philistines.


PI said...

Randall: there's no excuse. I'd blame it on his youth but he's slightly older then you.


Is he older than me? Please say he is...please... I'm feeling ancient. I'm in better nick than the Acropolis though....just

Hope yer well and enjoy Taunton. Have a cider for me eh? ;-)

PI said...

4d: I do believe he is. Born 1959.

kenju said...

Take pics, and have a good time!

moon said...

Have fun, we rented movies over the holidays..was lot's of fun..quiet times , great movies lol.

PI said...

Judy : the weather is foul - we're going but I think a camera will be excess baggage.

Moon: sounds like a brilliant idea. TV here is becoming unwatchable for the most part.

Nea said...

Pleased to hear the clouds are shifting, or was that due to the lean?

PI said...

Nea: just feeling brighter after the post Xmas torpor. I hope yours was lovely BTW.


oh dear. 1957. Depressed. Everybody is younger than me.

Not mentally though!!!! 15 tops!!!

PI said...

4d: My eldest was born in 1956. There now:}