Wednesday, January 23, 2008

News Flash

One of my readers wanted to know the significance of the 'tapestry', which turns out to be a wood carving, at the children's Hospice - Charlton Farm and below is the answer:-

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for your email asking about the tapestry at Charlton Farm. The ‘tapestry’ you are referring to is actually a wood carving! As you may know Dick King-Smith is one of our CHSW patrons and lent his character ‘Babe’ the pig to our appeal to build Charlton Farm. Babe was the mascot for the appeal and Dick King-Smith was very happy for us to use this character. The wood carving in the lounge was commissioned by Dick King-Smith and tells the story of Babe the Sheep-pig. The word ‘trials’ refers to the sheep dog trials in the story and the phrase ‘that’ll do’ is said by the farmer in the story as understated praise to Babe after he has herded up all the sheep and won the trials. The wood carving is positioned low down on the wall so small children and those in wheelchairs can appreciate the story.

I hope this answers your question, do let me know if you have any others,

Kind regards,

Caroline Clarke

Community Fundraiser

Children's Hospice South West

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a wonderful story Pat...! I LOVED the film "BABE"...I mean, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT! So I think that is a very dear thing to have there in the Hospice....!
I need to go back and look at that picture again...! Thanks for this information, my dear.

PI said...

Naomi: it was sweet of her to get back to me wasn't it?

craziequeen said...

Well, there you go! I had no idea there was such a story behind the carving that caught my eye :-))

Thank you for making the query, it kind of warms the old heart cockles, doesn't it? :-)


PI said...

cq: sure does:)

panu said...

just came by to say hi. looked around and liked it. hope i'm not intrudin'

PI said...

Panu: you're very welcome. The more the merrier:)