Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Special Day


If you want to know why, you have to read Jan 5th 2007 or I shall be repeating myself and I do enough of that unwittingly. As usual- at this time of year- we don't feel like going out for a special meal; as a matter of fact we have meant to go to Taunton each successive day this week but a general feeling of malaise , on my part, has discouraged us. I need to be on top form as usually I rush round the shops like a demented puppy whilst MTL potters round at a more restful pace. We don't have to go- MTL wants to get me something special as a late Christmas present and I want to pick up a bargain in the sales. Maybe Monday. January I find a bit of a pain but Spring is a comin'.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Sometimes it's just so good to stay at home, take things easy, be laidback, play some nice music. Just be good to each other, Pat, that's the main thing, eh? Happy anniversary xx

January is such an anti-climax after the three, four months of hype.

R. Sherman said...

Another "Happy Anniversary" to you and YTL. And I noticed you're coming up on two years of blogging. I shall wait to congratulate you until the appointed day, but I did re-read some of your earlier entries -- I think I found you close to the beginning. Anyway, I look forward to more "January 5th" entries for the foreseeable future.



Stay in and snuggle by an open fire. We've got an open fire with a big cast iron surround. It's dead romantic 'n all doin' that.

Anyroad the sales will be on for another 6 months....

Kanani said...

Yes! Happy Anniversary!
Is it the cold weather giving you the feeling of malaise? Never mind. Curl into a favorite chair, read a book, nibble on some raspberries or blueberries --such a treat!

PI said...

GG: thanks - that's exactly what it is. I got flowers and a lovely card - MTL just got lots of hugs.

Thank you Randall. You are an observant young man. I can't remember when you weren't around:)

4d: still I hope to make it on Monday. We still have one open fire and we love it but indolence often overcomes aesthetics:)

Kanani: I'm afraid January finds me at my lowest ebb but warm comments are lifting my spirits and I do feel better today. Our family, over Christmas had a few flu' bugs and I have probably been fighting them off. We did get bluberries and raspberries today and I'm reading 'Atonement.'

john.g. said...

Happy anniversary Mum2 and MTL, spring will hoefully be here soon. I'm sick of this Christmas rot!

Dandelion said...

Oh, pi, that's so romantic, it makes me want to cry. And if your story is anything to go by, I've only got around 14 years left to wait before I'm reunited with my TL! Better hurry and get a business up and running, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I went back and caught up - so next year will be your 30th!! You must nearly have been together longer than you've been apart - I think this is s-o-o-o-o romantic!

Well done for keeping up nearly 2 years of blogging too - and we still haven't got to the exciting bits! (I mean the re-meeting of MTL)


kenju said...

oooh, the BEST anniversary! Congratulations, Pat!

lavenderblue said...

oooh! Here you are !
and I have HOURS of
Happy Reading on your blog now.......
and Congratulations of course x

PI said...

Johng: thank you dear. You and me both:)

Dandelion: yes get busy - it'll soon pass:)

Rosneaath: thank you! We've passed the length of my first marriage and hope we make the 30th.

Judy:thank you! Lovely to have you round twice:)

Lavender: Welcome and thank you - also for the chuckles you gave me at Greavsie's.

Cream said...

Nowt wrong with chilling out, Pat.
Best feeling in the world is when at six pm you're still in your pyjamas.
Can't wait for Spring though.

Kim Ayres said...

Congratulations :)

I know how you are with January. I rarely feel like raising me head above the covers before the clocks go forward at the end of March.

Still, snuggle on the couch, or arrange a holiday somewhere South and warm and Spring will be here again :)

PI said...

Cream: It's 16.54 and I'm in my dressing gown. Don't have any jamas.

Kim: you're right and I'm feeling better. Time to get out the 'Helpful Holidays Villa Book'

rashbre said...

I like the 'spring is coming' thought. I was checking the daffs progress earlier. About 15cms of green leaves already.

Next stop will be the snowdrops.

Our garden robin is on some kind of animatronic spree between the fence, the table and the wall in repeating cycles.

PI said...

Rashbre: I was just thinking today about snowdrops. We have 'Snowdrop valley' near us. I must see if I can get a decent photo now I have a digital camera. They have always been blurry previously.
I love robins and the way they assume
one is gardening for their benefit.

Nea said...

We celebrated our 20th on the 6th, on our 3 day long boat and train trip home from spending Christmas with the English half of the family. As we were already out, we didn't have to go out specially. Although once he has recovered from the trip I might remind him, in the hope of an invitation out to dinner.

PI said...

Nea: congrats to you too. It's always useful to have something in the bank - as it were. Today we failed to buy me a special Christmas present so my balance of treats is looking good.