Friday, March 30, 2007


Story details

In ‘Smile Please’ I mentioned artist’s references which are when models are photographed, usually to illustrate a serial or short story. The artist then makes a drawing from the photo. Woman’s Own and Woman magazines used this method in the fifties and some of the artists became very well known. Below are two examples.

Many of the male models were struggling actors. There were a fraction of the openings for actors then, just films, and the West End and repertory theatres which paid a pittance. Modelling provided them with useful earnings to keep the wolf from the door, feed the kids and keep them free for that golden opportunity which was just round the corner.


srp said...

Hello, Michele sent me.
I read on down your blog and those artists were quite wonderful. I remember a few of the ads from the early 60's but by then most were gone. When my parents had their 50th anniversary in 2001, I ordered a Time magazine from the week they were married in 1951 and it contained several of these. I think these ads were much nicer than those photographs of today with models that look like death warmed over. The advertising industry has taken more to using shock value rather than substance and beauty to sell.

That is you in the photograph below isn't it? Lovely picture.

PI said...

srp: the American ads of the fifties were phenomenal and deserve a place in the history of Art. Yes it is me!

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

They both have that delicious Cary Grant thing going on.

PI said...

Sam: I have just been out to dinner with my step son and MT - both Cary Grant clones except that MTL relates more to Roger Moore.

Brianf said...

Hello Michele sent me and I'm glad she did. A great read you blog is. I'll be back. Thanks.

PI said...

Hi Brianf and welcome!

R. Sherman said...

So how many "struggling actors" of yours went on to become famous?


We must have names!

And photos!

And gossip!

Do tell all, dear.



Wow!!!! You really are a babe aren't you!!!

Down Dinners...behave yersel

PI said...

Randall: besides Bill I can only recall Roger Moore who actually made it big, although we didn't actually work together. No gossip. I was treated as a naive girl from the provinces who happened to be married and who went home to Epsom every night before any possible high jinks.

PI said...

4d: thank you! I'm a poorly babe today and off to bed to shake it off.