Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I do like that floppy-fringed look men had back then. I wish they wore more hats nowadays too - so sexy.

PI said...

Sam: I liked it when they raised their hat in greeting. Where did the style go? I think they got so sick of hats in uniform in the war (which made a lot of them go prematurely bald)that they just stopped wearing them.

granny p said...

Floppy fringes? - how about Hugh Grant in some of his roles?...Very sexy I agree. My mum had a treasured copy - of RB, not HG! - but in the end much preferred Siegfried Sassoon; also of uncertain sexuality. (To which my only objection is that there are too many dishy males not available to ME. As if: given my advanced age.) That cannot be said of HG of course. But floppy hair or not that one does not turn me on. Didn't know about hats making you go prematurely bald. My son, poor boy is pretty bald already, but he's never worn a hat in his life. He's just clobbered by genes from both sides of the family. Now he DID look good floppy, when younger. Very.

PI said...

granny.p: I prefer HG now he's a bit grittier; he's going to be the new baddie on Dr Who. As for gays they seem to like the older woman.
It is sad when one sees one's children getting older - two have less hair than me and two are greyer.

Leesa said...

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PI said...

Leesa: that is very exciting and have e-mailed you with relevant info. Thank you for letting me know.