Saturday, May 20, 2006



I’m taking MTL to Cornwall for a few days – not to emulate <A HREF=>jonny b<A> - our trip has been arranged for some time.  Looking forward to continuing the story when we return, meanwhile, keep the faith!  This is also to see if my link works.  If it does hooray!  If it doesn’t find your own expletive please!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Don't take more than a week, kid.

Hale McKay said...

Hello - thanks for the visit and comments at my blog. BY the way your link works. Enjoy Cornwall.
...I love your old family pictures.

PI said...

Hoss: I'll be back before you know it!

Hi hale or hail hale: sorry! My link worked to an extent but I really wanted the text only to say jonnyb. Others do it all the time. Heigh Ho!

amy said...

the linky-linky's easy fixed -- you just need to change the "A HREF" to "a href", and likewise with the "/A" to "/a" at the end.
i'm guessing that wherever you cut-and-pasted it from changed it to caps so that the format would show up? it can be a bit tricky trying to work out how to make visible the thing thats very purpose is to make things invisible.

but working links or no working links, your stories are great.

R. Sherman said...

Hi Pat. Put quotes around the web address and your in.


JonnyB said...

Hullo Pat - you need to put double quotes round the URL, I think, then it will come out as intended.

I imagine you will be logging on from an internet tea shop at some point, so you can get this done then.

PI said...

amy,randall and jonny (welcome jb): thank you all so much for your help and I'll sort it when I return DV.
No pressure!


Have a brill time 'n I'll have a stick of rock please.

PI said...

4d: I'll try. Just had a quick last visit to your last two posts.

Jack said...

Pat, thanks for introducing me to Jonny B. The link worked fine by me. I've added him to my "daily favourites" (or "favorites" as Microsoft would have it). Jonny B looks like fun.

Jack said...

Pat, thanks for introducing me to Jonny B. He looks like fun. Your link worked fine as far as I'm concerned.

Hope you and MTL enjoy Cornwall. (My wife and I certainly did this last October.)

Jack said...

Pat, thanks for the link-introduction to Jonny B. He looks like fun; I've added him to my favourites.

Have a grand time with YTL.

AndrewM said...

OK that's enough of a break. Get postin'.

Granny said...

Yippee - It worked on granny too.

Your html code shouldn't show. Maybe because you used upper case? But the link works fine.

Glad I could help. I have list as long as my arm of the people who helped me.