Monday, April 29, 2013

Back in my own room.

I have been trying to publish the photos below all day and just when I can't even be bothered to title - it works. Sod's law.

I moved into Lottie's room - named after my late SIL  whilst Mick and Mandy decorated my bedroom - and haven't been sleeping so well.
There seem to be two schools of thought when one loses a loved one: either to remove all traces  or keep everything the same.
I cling to familiarity but I don't think MTL would mind the heather wall.  Do you?

I have lots of cupboard space now and the charity shops are bulging.

My next project will be MTL's study. Maybe I should get a shredder.  It will take forever to clear it.
Here's hoping for a good night's sleep.  I'm taking Joy to the Bereavement Group tomorrow.
Night night:)

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Tuesday's Outing'

Apparently when there is an extra Tuesday in the month we meet for a brunch.  The plan ws to go to the cafe at Blue Anchor.  I was to meet the other new girl at Blenheim Gardens who was very kindly giving me a lift.  With time to spare I had a quick run tound the gardens and loved the mid blue of this ceanothus.  I love blue flowers.

There is a band stand which  is hiding behind the trees.

Lots of room for children to run riot.

A cafe.

A burning bush

Monster plants.
Tulips standing to attention

The Driftwood cafe at Blue Anchor.  None of us felt very hungry; the men had Kitkats, the girls sticky cakes and I had a bread and butter pudding with ice cream which was very flavourful.  Eventually we repaired to a member's lovely house - perched on a hill, overlooking a farm that goes back to the Domes day book and with almost a 360 degree view.

A view from the terrace where the anchored ships can be seen turning with the tides.  A lovely spot to sit and ruminate

Another view from the garden.

This is a member's dog.  Now I appreciate Rog's skill  at photographing dogs.
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Monday, April 22, 2013

The rest of themarbles

These are amazing.

He fared better than Oscar Wilde in Pere la Chaise cemetery in Paris.  Apologies to Vagabonde for the dubious spelling

Tom got a much better photo of the horse - maybe it was a different one.

It was  a hardship not being allowed to touch.

Ohyes this was the special horse.  don't ask me why.

Do admit - Aphrodite had a lovely bum

We were allowed to touch this as it was a repro.  not nearly so enticing as thefigures.
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The rest of the calming garden pics

Said a fond goodbye to my Norfolk family this morning.  It is a beautiful warm day - I felt very calm so I drove alone to Morrisons.  The first time for months.  Didn't meet anyone in the lane - thankfully.
The family will be pleased:)

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today’s Garden has a calming effect

Stellata fully out.  The garden has a calming effect.  The other day an acquaintance appeared to be taking advantage of the fact that MTL is no longer here.  I often ask myself  ' What would MTL do?'

And did it.

 But MTL would have done it calmly, and effectively.  I became impassioned so that at lunchtime my hands were shaking so that I couldn't raise the soup spoon to my lips.

It's early days.  I'll get better.
Blogger won’t let me put all the photos together.  I’ll do the rest later.  See below 

Today's garden has a calming effect

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to the Marbles

No not my marbles - they have been pronounced intact by a doctor and the dreaded interview was quite pleasant with him showing me his photo blog and then looking at mine.  I was unsure of the exact date on Saturday - but then so was he -we had to check.

This post is about the Elgin marbles bought by Lord Elgin for £39,000 from theTurkish goverment including documents and now safely housed in the British Museum.  I used to think they should be returned to the Greeks but having read Richard Dorment's article in the DailyTelegraph 15th April 2013 -" The Elgin Marbles will never be returned to Athens",  I have second thoughts.  Seeing the state of the marbles one can believe that Turkish soldiers used them for target pratice.
Nevertheless they are fantastic.

Inside the museum -in spite of the visitors  there is a calming atmosphere.

Great to see the children absorbing the culture

This was stunning and one felt the headless figures would dance right off the stage.  There are Greek, Roman and Egyptian collections but I'm sure you will recognise which are which.

More to come:)
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