Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let's go down town.

This is the walk I do 3 or 4 times a week - and back up the hill  which is why I don't bother with gyms.

 Out of the drive and turn right down Western Lane.
 There is an alternate ginnel on the left but I usually stick to the lane
 Down past the two houses that were built in our grounds - before us
On down hoping no large vans come down the lane.

 You can just see the main road at the bottom but main roads and traffic are to be avoided at all costs
 So we turn left at the lamp post down Park's Lane

 At the end we turn Right down Watery Lane
 Through the ginnel to the Queen's Head
Go between the Queen's Head and the Italian restaurant 

Past the old laundry which no longer does dry cleaning

I have yet to discover what the tall pillar at the end is for.

 Along Market House Lane with its floral display
 at the end of which is the main thoroughfare - the Parade.
 a busy Saturday morning
 Now the Parade morphs into The Avenue.
Can you smell the sea?  We are getting closer.

 This part requires concentration - the pavement is positively wavy - near the sea of course.
 Not much further
 There's Gail's my hairdresser next to the Wheel House

Here is my good friend Gail helpfully giving my coat to another customer. That's Laura in the centre- my taxi driver's daughter.
Hair done - walk all the way back for a bite of lunch then next door but one for Jackie's 90th Birthday Party.  Sadly I was the only one of our original quartet able to be there but there were loads of friends and neighbours - some I hadn't seen for a few years.  The food was non stop and delicious and Jackie seemed really happy.

Jackie second from the left with old members of Townswomen's Guild.  It was good to see them again

Jackie doing the honours with her fantastic daughter Jane who works in our local hospital,  cares for her mother and an invalid husband and does endless work for charities.
Happy birthday darling Jackie.  and the cake was scrummy:)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weird and wonderful

A present from Karen which at first was a mass of snail bitten leaves but is now about to sprout an exotic flower.  You knew it is a canna.
I have never ever seen a fruit on a camellia.  Have you?  What can you tell me?

Who knew that these monsters rising from the depths would morph into these beauties that smell of pear drops?  Nerines if you're asking

Mick my precious handy man has just scraped out the guttering on the front of the house so hopefully the waterfall will vanish.  He's about to be 65.  Help!

Monday, August 18, 2014

It Rose again - apologies to Rog.

Staying with the Hertfordshire family recently I was saddened to see a dying rose swamped with ants.
The working colleagues of my DIL had bought her a beautiful rose bush to commemorate MTL.
In spite of regular watering, when I was down it seemed the end was nigh.

DIL provided  some really delicious manure and - with their permission - I chopped it back quite ruthlessly and dug out all the straggly weeds and put a curse on the ants.  Over the next few days it was lovingly watered - gently at first and then quite forcefully with vocal encouragement - always vital as HRH would be  the first to aver.

A few prayers were said also and suggestions for future care.  Now look at it!

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Misfit

It was Joey's Post that made me remember it

When Margaret was visiting the other week on a blisteringly hot day we decided to drift down to the town and try out the new Costas.  There are tables outside with an excellent view down the Avenue and shaded.  Even so we plumped for hats - mine an old straw and Margaret's denim.
It turned out to be a most pleasant way to have a gossip, catch up,  watch the passers - by with lots of additional holiday makers and test the iced lemon tea.
 Later Margaret went up the hill to visit a neighbour who I didn't know.
The friend said she had spotted us at Costas.

'Did your friend have on a white layered skirt,' she asked?
'Yes,' she was told, 'why?'

'Well you just looked as if you didn't belong.'

What did she mean?  Neither of us were flashing the flesh; we were comfortably dressed and thus able to keep cool in heat wave.  Any idea?

Sunday, August 03, 2014

August Garden

The Myrtle is late - but amazing this year.
'Knowest thou the land where the lemon trees bloom?  In the dark foliage the golden oranges gleam, a soft wind blows from the blue heavens, the myrtle is still and the laurel stands high'
My favourite tub because it has come up smiling with no succour - from last year.

' The bride hath paced into the hall, red as a rose is she.'
Hibiscus.  My ship mate Dylan says he has two - the same pinky mauve shade. 

 Those wretched pigeons.  This blue plant has really gone forth and multiplied- and cracked the pottery tub.
 I never tire of these Japanese anenomes
 Sweet smelling stocks.
 'If thou hast not a capon, feed on an onion.'
J. Ray English Proverbs

'Unkempt about those hedges blows an English unofficial rose.'
Rupert Brooke

'What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'

Progress report: up to page 246 - just 58 more to go before starting the final edit when the real work begins.