Tuesday, July 13, 2021

 Exile on Pain Street 

Hi Mark -- lovely to hear all your news and sorry you have been having a difficult time.  It must seem very strange

 working from home after New York. 

  It does seem quite unjust that you have to pay for the University experience when that is not what your  daughter

  is getting.  At least you gave the girls a wonderful grounding in the Arts when it was possible.  They

 will always remember that.

Sorry about the weird layout.  My newish computer has gone quite mad.  Or maybe it is me - after three general 


William quite liked Tim - he didn't present  a threat.

With regard to your question about the plays we saw.  I knew if 

I went into the attic where most of my memorabilia  is I'd be gone for days.

I enjoyed 'Separate Tables' Eric Portman and Margaret Leighton.

Godspell with a young Jeremy Irons and David Essex.

  Olivier in Othello, Long Day's journey into night and Dance of Death

and many more.  However one stood out which twice during the matinee at the Phoenix Theatre made me want to

 stand up  and yell 

'YES!" I think it related to something I was going through at the time - an unforgettable experience to feel 

the elation I felt. at hearing someone voicing those feelings.

.  I must get a copy of Ivanov and relive the experience.

That's John for you.  On a good day knocks Olivier into a cocked hat.

Stay well.xox    JOHN GIELGUD of course.

Monday, July 12, 2021

 Answers to comments.

Savannah:-Lovely to have you visiting and hope all is well with you and all your family and you are coping with this very trying time.xoxox

Kim:- we were fairly sure the culprit was a child although we didn't allow children in the basement without an adult.

James :- Glad you enjoyed chapter 47 and thank you for your kind words.

Neena:- Neena: it's all in the book. From our first meeting the danger signs were there and we both ignored them. I'm sure neither of us can truly regret the marriage because the boys meant so much to us. The divorce was fairly straight forward. As our solicitor said the two bones of contention are the children and money. The children had left home and I didn't want any money. I hope Tim is well and happy with a family of his own.