Friday, February 20, 2015

The sound of Cape Verde

I was introduced to this singer - the late Cesaria Evora by Vagabonde only to discover she is a favourite of Guyana Gal and Cloudcutter.  The song Sodade means longing.
Everything about this recording including the d├ęcor and the men - they all seem fit as fleas in the good health sense - takes me back to the islands and they are all so cool.  Enjoy.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Photies - 'Oh are you the lady who fell backwards?'

We  visited Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands and bussed up the mountains contrasting the white sands dunes with the arid landscape.  One of the island volcanoes had been erupting for a month so there was a dusty horizon.

 Can you see the taxi driver who was doing backward somersaults on the dunes?
 We visited Praia Grande Beach for a 'taste' of the island.  This lady is a member of the Capoeira Dance Group.  She was adjusting her fantastic dress in the only loo and at one stage fell over and had the greatest difficulty getting up again.  Everybody had to squeeze past her.
 The little girl sitting on stage was enchanted by the dancers and ignored her mother's pleas to move..
 This couple were the star dancers and did a dance full of sex and gusto.
 Then the pros invited us to dance with them.  No prizesfor guessing my reaction

  Isn't she lovely?
 Now we are in Praia another  island doing and historical excursion which was once a major slave trading post.
 Alberto in the orange top was an excellent guide.  everybody could hear him and ha was passionate about the islands and hoped eventually to get into politics to help bring about necessary changes.
 Vasco de Gama on his way to India,  Christopher Columbus during his third voyage to the Americas and Darwin on his remarkable journey all stopped off at the port.

 The Municipal Market.  I ventured in but it was so crowded my arm was at risk and the ladies had heavy copper bowls on their heads which could have toppled over in the crowds

 Looking down from the Real de Sao Filipe Fort.  There's Bubbles in yellow.
 These boys live in a delightful village Cidade Velha -the oldest settlement in the Islands
 The village church which had an enormous bell outside attached to a rope.  Bubbles persuaded Roberto to pull on the rope when there was an enormous clang.  Then Bubbles had a go - then Roberto.  Goodness knows what message they were sending out.  I was quite restrained.
 The stone structure was the village hanging place.  We were offered a taste of the local grog and some of us partook.  Medicinal you understand.  Cor!!
 I\ bought a picture from her.  Isn't she splendid?

 Back in the Canaries

 Great pavements.

This is my idea of a nightmare pavement.  Anyone, over 65 with Vari Lux glasses will understand. 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Special Moon tonight.

They said there would be a special moon tonight and just one star - Jupiter I think.  Do click on it
and tell me if you see it.