Monday, December 07, 2015

Very Random Photies

Dad back row second from right, Uncle Bill front row second from left.  Little boy peering through window Uncle Harold 

Mum as a mill girl 
 Maddie back row left Pat front middle with the Trickets next door
Evan, Pat, Mum and Dad at Blackpool circa 1938 
 Maddie and Uncle Bill
 Mum and granddad Williams
 Mum, Pat and Evan at Polperro.  Evan rarely removed his cap:)
Maddie at Whipsnade Zoo.
Pat and Evan somewhere in the S.W.
I dare not delete this as they all may vanish.

Maddie and Aunts on Queen Mary
Pat bottom left with Trickets.  Why couldn't I have a bonnet?

Auntie Jean - Mum's younger sister and George her GI husband of 60 plus years.

Pendlebury- Royal Manchester Children's Hospital - my home from 1947 - 1951

Pat, Annie and Tommie at St Annes - the Convalescent Home 1947

Back row from left Cousin Danny, Cousin Benny and Bridegroom Cousin Ernie - three brothers all served in WW2.  Pat bottom right,

Uncle Ernest's wedding - on his right his brothers Uncle Frank and Uncle Joe,  Uncle Ernest was gassed in WW1.

Uncle Bill and Maddie  could be Cleveleys.

Evan in his mining days.

Pat and Evan on our exciting tour round Devon and Cornwall
Clever Evan caught supper in Lake Windemere.  One perch.

Mr Moreland our lovely Boiler Man at St Annes.

Grandad and Grannie Barnes with crosses above their heads.  That is a charabanc.
Gran - Mum's Mother

Maddie's reception
Miss knock knees 1932?
Mum with the Swallow and Rudge
  Mum , Pat and Evan Lake District.
Evan's Castle - the fallen tree in Lake Windemere
Maddie's bridesmaids.
Margaret - a loved patient of mine.

Sarah - my holiday chum
Four of the Nursed at St Annes.  Lottie is the front right.


Granny Annie said...

Uncle Harold was a very early photo bomber. LOL!

Pat said...

Grannie Annie: so he was:)

Kim Ayres said...

Great set of photos. But I have to ask, was it painful having trickets...?

Pat said...

Kim: maybe that's what caused my knock knees:)

maurcheen said...

What wonderful photies/memories! I swear you have not changed since being a bairn! :)

angryparsnip said...

I studied every photo.
What wonderful photos.
I loved Uncle Harold peeking through the window.

cheers, parsnip

Exile on Pain Street said...

"Photies" makes me miss Jimmy Bastard. Do you remember that guy? He talked me down off a ledge when I lost my job several years ago. I'll never forget him for that.

What a great bunch of pics. You're very fortunate to have these. My family was too broke for a camera so there are no photos of me or my siblings as children. No pics of my grandparents. Nothing. Good that you cherish them.

Pat said...

Maurcheen: away wi' ye! You mean I am in my second childhood:)

Pat said...

Parsnip: yes it is sweet - it took me years to notice it.

Exile: JB was an important part of many of our lives.
I'll never forget he remembered that yellow was Alastair's favourite colour and after he died Jimmy and his lovely wife took their boat on Loch Lomond and placed a yellow wreath in the lake in his memory. What a beautiful thing to do. Haste ye back Jimmy!

Mage said...

Simply wonderful photographs. You are so lucky to have them, and we are so lucky to get to share them.
Can you tell us more about Maddie?

Pat said...

Mage: I promise all will be revealed. Sorry to be slow- I've had a few health issues but will try to do the next chapter before I leave for Christmas that's if health issues allow.

maurcheen said...

Take the compliment dear Patricia, and as my taller brother would say, keep the faith. 😀

maurcheen said...

NOBODY forgets Jimmy! 👦

maurcheen said...

Aye, very important to a lot of us is our Jimmy. Many the night he paid my bar tab. I do miss the fecker. 😀

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Such WONDERFUL Pictures, dear Pat......I LOVE seeing old photo's....And it is so great that you have these.....
Great Memories, my dear Pat......
I hope your Health Issues clear up, my dear, and that you are able to go on your Christmas Trip!

Wishing you the most Wonderful Holiday Season, dear dear Pat and a very Healthy and Happy 2016!!

Pat said...

Naomi: so lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind wishes.
I am feeling much better and hope when I see the doctor next week he will agree I'm fit to travel.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

A treasure trove of history, personal memories. I love the little boy peeking through the window, the fallen tree, the sweeping landscape, the MASSIVE fish them all.

I hope your health issue clears up, Pat dearest.

I'm saving your story for when I settle down [I'm on holiday, visiting family again, in Florida].

Pat said...

Neena: thank you for your good wishes. I'm banking on it being a false alarm but should know next Wednesday. Enjoy the sun shine;)

Anonymous said...

love Maddie with the flowers

Pat said...

Helen: she's a scream isn't she?

SDC said...

Nice to put faces to all the names. And places. I hope you are okay and that you'll be able to make your Christmas trip :oD

Somerset Wedding Girl said...

Some real treasures here! Particularly the outside shots.

Pat said...

SDC: I did make the trip. Some experience - more later:)

Somerset W. G. so glad you enjoyed them.