Sunday, June 01, 2014

June 1st in the garden

This is a David Austen rose I've had for years - gorgeous fragrance

Lots of greenery

Some colour

I love it when I get mixed seedlings on the path

The smell of jasmine goes right up the drain pipe

So exciting my onion plant has had a baby!

Ideally this should be rambling with New Dawn rose

Another view of the onion family

Naughty New Dawn.  You moved when I took the photo.

 I missed the best of the irises whilst cruising.
 Three successful Salvia cuttings
 A rescue plant

Click and see how delicate this is.
The photos are not yet hassle free.  For example all the editing and framing I did has disappeared in  spite of me 'saving it'.  Heigh Ho!


Ms Scarlet said...

I have some stunning red poppies in my garden... I will nip out now and take some pics.
I am also still looking for my cruising photos!

Granny Annie said...

By clicking on one, I came up with a slide show of all and it was delightful to see each lovely photo.
What joy to be surrounded by the beauty of your garden.

kenju said...

It's all beautiful. I love the onion (allium), iris and jasmine.

savannah said...

I NEE you to come and help me with my garden, darling! We had to postpone some work on the house, so the back garden has suffered neglect when it comes to lovely things. It doesn't help that I have no talent when it comes to gardening. :( xoxoxo

Pat said...

Scarlet: out right now! Before the sun sets.

Granny Annie: it always pays to click:)
Judy: thanks for reminding me - it's allium:)

Savannah: you may regret it. Gardens tend to go wild with me- but I like it.xoxoxo

OldLady Of The Hills said...

So many BEAUTIFUL Blooms, my dear.....Everything is so delicate and the colors are breath-taking....

I'm having some problems myself with pictures, which I NEVER had before---Something is wrong in Blogger.....Grrrrr. I have to jump back and forth between Google Chrome and Int. Explorer to post the pictures.....

Your Garden looks so very lovely, Pat. It is a joy to see---Always!

angryparsnip said...

Today is my Mum's Birthday and to see your garden post today makes it all the more special.
Beautiful garden.
Love the mixes seed seedlings on the path. I would love to have them in my garden but it is much too hot here. We came back from dinner last night at 8:30pm and it was 99 degrees ! My converter said that was 37c ? I hope that is right.

cheers, parsnip

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Pat!! We are desperately in need of our *weeding operative*!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Wild's good, Pat :-)

I envy you those little Erigerons in the paving!

Pat said...

Naomi: at lest - thanks to you I can post lots of pictures but it is frustrating when you work on the editing and it disappears.

Parsnip: it's difficult to imagine those temperatures just now:)

John: my gardener doesn't like weeding. Sadly.

Kevin: yes I don't mind the wildness and I do love all the seeding that happens willy nilly.

Mage said...

Just magically lovely.

Pat said...

Mage: weeds and all:)

About Last Weekend said...

I can smell that rose from here - it looks so much more real and delicate than the store bought ones...

Pat said...

ALW: Now you mention it I must admit that is true.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Lifts my spirit, your garden does!

How I miss our garden. I plan to start a mini-one in the mini-verandah.

Guyana-Gyal said...

...weeds? What weeds?

Pat said...

GG: I've just had the Norfolk family and they have spent hours on the balcony nature watching. I must take a leaf out of their book and do a Spring Watch.