Monday, March 03, 2014

Last week was better.

Last week was better.

Physically I felt more myself and mentally Sam’s visit had broken up the gloom clouds.  The flood situation has dropped out of the news but the fall out is likely to be with us for some time.  For instance it is well nigh impossible to get a builder to come and deal with storm damage – or similar - and my dear friend Margaret who was coming to stay round about my birthday found she couldn’t book her ticket because the railway lines twixt Bristol and Taunton are closed as a result of flood damage and no indication of when they will be functioning again.
Feeling germy I had missed three Bereavement Group meetings so it was good to get back and have a few rueful giggles about our Bristol theatre trip.  The damage caused to C’s car when the rear end dropped in a hole on the foggy moor caused £700 of damage so she is getting a new car.  I’m not sure how new but it will be new to her.

Joy and I met for lunch at the Bistro and when I discovered that – possibly for the first time - we both had our mobiles with us I suggested we made sure we had each other’s numbers for any emergency.  The trouble with older people - we tend to treat mobiles like electric light and keep them switched off so as not to waste electricity.

‘I know I’ve got yours because my daughter put it on for me,’ said Joy.

‘OK then ring me and we’ll check.  You’ll have to switch it on Joy.’

It didn’t work so I thought I would try something else.

‘I’ll put your number on my phone and then I’ll phone you.  You’ll have to tell me the number.’

We did this and again it didn’t work.  Half way through dessert it hit me.  We had put our home numbers on so of course our mobiles weren’t answering.

All the lunches were finished and everyone looked pleasantly soporific.  The waitress – a very pleasant middle aged lady said she had noticed we had been having trouble and would we like her to help.  It is definitely a younger person's sport so we eagerly accepted and asked if she would help us to put each other’s mobile numbers on each other’s phone.

It took sometime for us to discover our mobile numbers but eventually we had two mobiles switched on and two mobile numbers for both Pat and Joy respectively. I noticed our waitresses face was getting quite pink but eventually she said we should try ringing them.

Eureka?  Not!  It didn’t work again.

‘Oh not to worry – it was really kind of you to offer.  Joy I’m going to dash off before the next downpour.’

The waitress’s face turned scarlet.

‘I thought YOU were Joy and YOU were Pat.  I’ve put them on the wrong phones.  Excuse me I’ll have to go to the kitchen and cool down.’

We’d all been there.  We didn’t tell her of the joys still to come.


maurcheen said...

You just made this tall (yes tall, one can't believe everything that comes out of the other fella's gob!) badly man giggle on a Monday. Now that can only be good!

Spring is here. :-)


Pearl said...

She thought YOU were Joy and the other woman was Pat?! :-) I got a laugh out of that.

I've heard about the train tracks in Bristol. Hard to imagine that kind of rain. Of course, it was 30 below (with the wind chill) at the bus stop this morning, so I believe my imagination may be frozen. :-)

I hope you are managing to stay dry. Flooding is a terrible thing.


Ms Scarlet said...

Hopefully we will have a glorious summer to make up for it all... we'll be moaning we're too hot... on the one day it's hot!
The phone muddle made me laugh... I have had such moments!

Mage said...

Oh, I do understand. And when I turn mine on, I often discover that it needs charging.

Z said...

I hope you've got it sorted out now, but if you haven't, I'll send you my mobile phone number and you and Pat can both text me and I'll pass the numbers on!

I mislaid my phone the other week and my husband phoned it so I could follow the sound - but he rang our home number. They're both down as Zoë on his phone, though so it's not too surprising.

Pat said...

Maurcheen: if you are 'tall badly' you gave me a giggle too:)

Pearl: I manage to stay dry by hibernating. So boring - but at least I keep dry. I worry about your poor nose.

Scarlet: it was meant to make you - at least - smile. I've rather given up on the weather at present although I did do a spot of gardening on Saturday.

Mage: there is that too. One tends to forget:)

Z: now I'm worried! If you get us mixed up (I'm Pat BTW) what hope is there for the rest of us?
I like the way you assume we can text:) I've just had Joy on the phone saying she can't understand why she would need my mobile number. I tried to explain that tomorrow we are meeting for lunch DV but I have a busy morning in town and should she find she can't make it a mobile is the only way. I think I'll shelve it for the moment - don't want to start the hot flushes.

Z said...

Haha, I'm such an idiot! I realised as soon as I sent it. Fair point about the texting. Now that you know your mobile number (it's under Joy, in your contact list) you could write it down and give it to Joy tomorrow. Or you could - actually, I think you're right. Let's shelve it for the moment.

angryparsnip said...

You never know when your out and about that you might need to call someone.
The waitress messing up the numbers was so cute/funny.

cheers, parsnip

maurcheen said...

Hahahaha!!! I strive for stillness, badly. :)


OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....All you can do is laugh....or cry! Laughing IS more fun. These mobile phones---I have very poor reception up here on my hill, so my cell sits in a drawer. Of course, I'm home all the time so my need for it is minimal....But you are so right about changes in appointments when you are out in the world, or, back in the day, if I got lost or was going to be late going to meet someone because of traffic---It Was GREAT to be able to call them.
I feel technology has passed me by, at this point....Phones that you can send emails on? MAGIC!
I hope you will be feeling better. my dear and that the weather will get better, too.

Exile on Pain Street said...

This is a good time to be a builder. It was like that after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey. Good luck finding a tradesman. You had to know someone who knew someone.

Nice work on the mobile phone kerfuffle. It's enough to make us all feel quite human.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I MUST send this to *someone* who doesn't switch on her mobile, she'll know who she is when she reads this!

Today, a student said to me, I wonder what we'll be like when we become the elderly tee hee hee

I'm struggling with the Internet, Joy, oh sorry, I mean Pat, that's why I'm not blogging or reading blogs, how I MISS YOU ALL! X X

Kim Ayres said...


Nea said...

Thank you for making me smile... But you really don't have to worry too much. I tried a Yoga class last week and discovered I couldn't tell which was my right leg or my left leg with my eyes closed!!!

I'm sorry I've been out of touch so much.... I've just read comments made weeks ago and now I'm very curious.... When and where in May?

Pat said...

Z: Joy stood me up for lunch this week. Feeling not well as she was starting out. Now she realises the importance of mobile numbers, Hey ho!

Parsnip: how right you are. See comment to Z.

Maurcheen: :)

Naomi: if it is any comfort you are more high tech than me:)
No grumbles today - warm sunshine:)

Exile: he's comes tomorrow DV - for fair weather.

GG: naughty! We miss you too:)

Kim: the plumber comes next week re shower temp:)

Nea: we leave Southampton May 6th for 11 nights visiting Alesund, Geiranger, Olden, Nordfjord, Skjoolden, Naeoyfjord, Bergen, Eidfjord and Stavanger. I haven't got the precise itinerary yet and they are just names to me but I'm sure it will be a great experience

Nea said...

When you get to Alesund, look to the East, I'll be on the other side of the mountains waving back :)

It will be amazing, but make sure you pack your winter woollies.


Pat said...

Nea: thank you - advice re woollies duly noted.
Perhaps you could fly a kite - I shall be waving back:)

Kim Ayres said...

Are you tempting me back with the notion of a working shower? ;)

Pat said...

Kim: you know you are always welcome even if you are a bit wussy about hot water:)