Saturday, March 08, 2014

A Lovely Surprise.

A lovely surprise

On Tuesday I went to my first B Group for 3 weeks and there were some new faces and our leader Veronica was back from her trip up north.  Hugs were omitted as she had had a tummy bug.  One of the new members brought a tear to my eye.  She had met her husband at 16 and they married when she was 19.  They had been together for decades and now she was alone.  Not an unusual story but somehow I found her demeanour very moving.

Joy didn’t make the meeting but we have a standing arrangement that unless she phones we will meet at the Bistro.  After a while it became clear she wasn’t coming and when I phoned she apologised and said she didn’t feel up to it although she was all ready to come.  The next time I see her I shall make certain she has my mobile number.

I decided to have lunch anyway and joined the Separate Table Group where one sits alone and chats notwithstanding to the other tables.  Very chummy.

At last we seem to be having a spell of fine weather and my handyman turned up today.  He refused my offer of a rope ladder and climbed out from the attic window to discover where the leak was.  He found a hole in the flashing under the left attic window.  I crept into the front edge of the attic loft and could just see M waving his paint brush at the site of the hole.  We then went out onto the lawn and identified the spot as being directly over the damage in the corner of the nursery and guest bedroom.

After he repaired the hole he said we would give it a week and all being well he would come and repair and make good the damage.

I have a couple of writing projects at the moment and then I am going to give serious thought to putting my story on e-books.

Oh and the lovely surprise:  Veronica had taken Peter with her – an early member of the group and for the last few months Veronica’s boy friend.  We only see him now at the social groups as he no longer feels eligible.  When they were planning their trip which encompassed Yorkshire and Cumbria they spotted the proximity of Gretna Green and YES dear reader they got wed.

Tummy bug or no tummy bug I had to go and give Veronica a big hug.  We saw a couple of photos; her very hairy dog had a make over and feathers in her hair and what I could see of V and P (they were almost hidden by a large lady minister –these were just snaps) they looked happy and indeed the sun did shine on them.

Veronica had a beautiful Gaelic wedding ring with tiny Gaelic animals encircling it.
It had a Greek look at first glance.  To my horror she took it off to let Sylvia look more closely but was reassured that Veronica isn’t at all superstitious so all should be well. D.V.

Lately I have had a decision problem which has been bugging me.  I talked it over with one of the family and his advice was to put the problem in a box, close the box, put it in a drawer to be looked at after my holiday in May and not to bother thinking about it till then.  It works for me.


kenju said...

Congratulations and best wishes to your newly married friends!!
And I am all for putting your problems in a box and hiding it for a while. Good idea.

Mage said...

What a nice time with Veronica. Yes, that box is what I use too. Usually I tie a ribbon around it.

Kim Ayres said...

Oddly enough I was out at Gretna Green last week, for the first time. An old friend of mine was over in Scotland from Canada with her fella. She was taking him around different parts of Scotland and Gretna's only an hour or so from where I live, so it was a good excuse to meet up.

Pat said...

Judy: it seems to be working for me. I'll pass on your congrats.

Mage: I'll put a ribbon on right now.

Kim: were they not tempted? Although I think you have to give 3 weeks notice. Al and I went but we were already hitched

Anonymous said...

I hope I am not being insensitive or rude, but what ever happened to Dr. Maroon of Cape to Rio fame? He was a favourite respite back in 2006. I think the two of you were/are connected somewhat. Yes?

As for the box, I find the use of South American Worry People talismans to do the trick nicely.

Exile on Pain Street said...

I don't have anything earth-shattering to say but I just wanted to mention how much I enjoy these updates. They briefly take me to another world. Isn't that what reading is for?

angryparsnip said...

Lovely news congratulations to your friend.

The box idea is interesting. I use a rubber band on my wrist. Right now I have something that is bothering me so back with the rubber band, every time I think of it zap on the wrist.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Aquarians: I did read and comment on Dr Maroon's blog as did he on mine. That was quite a long time ago - I wonder what happened to him? No other connection that I am aware of.

Exile: you would be missed if you didn't drop by.

Parsnip: ouch - that sounds painful but whatever works for you:)

LL Cool Joe said...

It sounds like you have a lovely network of friends. My parents are still housebound as my Dad is so unwell, and many people from the church we attend have offered my mother help, but she turns it down, and only accepts it from me. I find it this hard, as I could do with someone else sharing the load, especially as in a few weeks I should be returning to the States for a bit. I wish my mother would have your attitude to life, embracing both family and friends.

Pat said...

Joey: I do hope your Dad improves soon. It is very hard on you to have to carry the load alone. Mothers can be areal pain in the bum - as I'm sure my sons would agree - occasionally.

Granny Annie said...

I have several items of concern. Do I need several boxes or one for the lot? If I tie ribbons around each one it will look like Christmas around here.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: whatever works for you but I think the whole point is they should be out of sight until you feel ready to deal with them. Good luck.

Chef Files said...

My dear lady, problems and concerns always look so much different when viewed with a tinge of dust due to storage. I thought of you today as I stood amongst a sea of wonderful roses. The most beautiful one of all was missing. We shall take high tea on my return, I shall bake and we will talk of many things as we sip from your finest cups.

Pat said...

Chef: that would be 'a lovely surprise' indeed:)