Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who else remembers the words? An antidote to today's gloom.


Granny Annie said...

How joyful! According to google, here are the lyrics from 1933 song:

When the rain is pattering helter skelter
And the butterflies are caught out in the rain
Leafy hollyhocks would murmur come and shelter
Until the rainbow shines again

In the heart of every roses apron
From the pitter patter pitter pat refrain
There's protection from the showers
From the sympathetic flowers
For the butterflies in the rain

Pretty things, you'll have to fold your wings
Waiting for the bright and placid sun showers
`Neath the broad protection of the sunflowers
Gone the rain, the sky is clear again
You can carry on your sweet flirtation
With every blushing rose

kenju said...

I never heard that before. The butterflies are lovely!

Scarlet Blue said...

I am singing Granny Annie's lyrics in my head... probably best I don't sing them out loud!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I'll listen later, I have to go prepare things for dinner.

I hope everything gets brighter after the gloom x x

Pat said...

Granny Annie: thank you for that. I tried to copy and paste but I wasn't able and too idle to type it all out.
I think the very first version was 1926. And the line:-
'in the heart of every roses apron'
I used to sing :-
'In the heart of every rose a haven'
Such a pity there isn't someone singing it.

Judy: hope you like the song.

Scarlet: when the music changes is when you sing 'Pretty things.'
It may stay with you awhile.

GG: it usually does. Now don't forget to listen to it. Mum may remember it.

R. Sherman said...

I trust you're far away from the madness, dear. Stay safe and enjoy your garden the views of the sea.

Jimmy said...

All of a sudden Pat, I feel like a tall glass of Pimms and maybe even a salmon and cucumber sandwich.

Crusts off of course.

john.g. said...

How old do you think I am?

Mike and Ann said...

That was lovely Pat. Thank you.

mapstew said...

I see you in a long evening dress, (white chiffon) head back, in joyful bliss, dancing round a packed ballroom with YTL (Dashingly debonair!) :¬)


Pat said...

Randall: thank you - all is quiet here apart from the seasonal holiday makers.

Jimmy: I'd join you but I already had my evening libation.

John.G: about mid forties - like most of my young men:)

Mike and Ann: I'm glad you liked it:)

Mapstew: ooh I'll tell him. Maybe he'll waltz me round the bedroom. Now where's my white chiffon?


yes, dear lady, i do so hope you and yours are out of reach of the craziness - and all others as well - we see a bit through the cameras here but one never knows the real story - in any event, know that you and others are thought of from across the way - a beautiful song for those glooms, for sure! what magnificent images - and the symbolism of the butterfly! i must say this particular little piece also had me thinking white chiffon and crustless cucumber tea sandwiches, as well - thanks so much for coming by to wish me happy birthday this evening - i must say that white is truly you!

Ponita in Real Life said...

Hoping you and your man are far from the madness, Pat. I've never heard that song before but it's light and lovely and a perfect match to the beautiful butterflies.

Pat said...

Gypsywoman: it was a lovely party - thank you for having me. So nice to
have heard Map's singing at last.
All is quiet in this neck of the woods - long may it continue.

Ponita: yes we are tucked away here on the hill and Minehead is - give or take a few rowdy tourists - a peaceful place.

Macy said...

It's Friday! Living north of Cumbria one rainy Friday's not going to stop me singing :)

Pat said...

Macy: give it some wellie!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful and Sweet and Totally Charming in Every Way....L didn't know that song---And I love the sound of the Orchestra...And such GORGEOUS Butterfly's....! Thank you Pat for this "pick-me-up"...I really needed that today.

And, by the way....My post about The Rashnre's visot will be up in the A.M. Such a delightful couple!

And stay safe, dear Pat....What a horrible time it has been for so many there in the UK!

Charlie said...

It's a wonderful old tune, Pat, one to start the toe tapping. Forgive me if it reminds me of soundtrack music for Laurel & Hardy's antics.

I'd take MAP up on his suggestion and have a dance or two with YTL.

Pat said...

Naomi: I'll be over soon. I've read Rashbre's account - he obviously enjoyed meeting you- who wouldn't?

Charlie: I see what you mean about L and H.
The dance will have to wait till tomorrow - MTL is in beddy byes.