Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another fine mess!

Because blogger published the copy minus the photos - and I didn't discover until late in the day when my commenters gently mentioned there might be something wrong - I apologise humbly.
Could we perhaps make it into a game whereby you match the words to the pictures?
The first one is myrtle - quite late this year. I'm just going to stand in the corner now. With a drink. A votre sante.


Macy said...

This is more fun than flicking through Homes and Gardens! Love that your garden doesn't look too manicured.

Scarlet Blue said...

I can see them now! This is the sort of garden I dream of growing. Beautiful, Pat.

R. Sherman said...

Well, I think it was worth the wait.



yes, another blogger mess - and some blogs have disappeared entirely -

in any event, your garden is beautiful - and just the kind for which my heart yearns - perhaps now, with our move to the new place which has space more conducive to such gardening all that will change! i do have one little [watermelon] crepe myrtle that i'm going to dig up and take to the new place - i planted it after the birth of my grandson alejandro who is now five so it must make the move! thanks so much for sharing your beautiful garden world - have a lovely remainder of the day there, pat!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Come out from the corner, Pat. Cheers. Your garden's beautiful.

john.g. said...

Lovely, as usual!

Pat said...

Macy: not manicured - just verging on the wild:)

Scarlet:thank you. They still haven't all come through. May have another go tomorrow.

Randall: bless you:)

Gypsywoman: yes you must take your plant with you. Many of mine are associated with family - especially my mother.

GG: I didn't stay very long and watched a gripping play on TV.

Jonj.G: thank you:)