Friday, December 24, 2010

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day


Ponita in Real Life said...

That's fantastic, Pat! Thanks for sharing it. May you have happy feet when you dance tomorrow. Happy Christmas!

Queenie said...

Happy Christmas, Pat. I hope you and YTL have a wonderful day xxx

Milady de Languor said...

Beautiful! Our Christmas wouldn't be complete without the Seven Lessons and Carols service from Kings, via BBC World Service each year.

The very merriest of days to you and your true love. So glad that the weather eased just in time to get in all of the things that add to the enjoyment of the day. Meet you on the sofa for the Queen's greeting - another must each Christmas!

Z said...

Hope you and your darling are having a lovely day, Pat xx

Pat said...

Ponita: it's been a good day and I hope the same for you;)

Queenie: thank you and the same for you and the Paramour.

Milady: no-one wears purple like her and I always tear up a bit as it reminds me of so many Christmases past.

Z: with all you have to do - much appreciated. There are only two of us and I've been running around like a blue-arsed fly all day. Worth it when it all worked.

R. Sherman said...

Thank you for this post.

Again, I hope you had a joyous day!


Pat said...

Randall: so glad you like it - I play it every time I come to this page. Thank you it was a joyous day - no tears no fuss, hooray for us:)