Friday, December 03, 2010

Charles I King playing Blue Grass and Celtic music delightfully

An obelisk like Charistmas tree.

Alas Santa has lost his head!
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Guyana-Gyal said...

Santa's been a bad boy, party too hard. I bet he's gone after some cute girl, forget the goody-goody image.

Is Charles 1 King a street musician?

I love street musicians. The first time I saw one was in London, I was quite excited. The second time, in Sydney, and I had to stop and listen then give them some money.

Pat said...

GG: yes he is a street musician. My camera was playing up so I forgot to ask his name but read it from my photo. I gave him some money and asked if I could take his photo.

Mike and Ann said...

There aren't many street musicians about these days. Lots of street beggars, but it always seemed to me that street musicians weren't beggars - they gave something in return. I wonder if you'd remember a band of ex-servicemen who used to play, as a small band, in Central London in the fifties called (I think) The Happy Wanderers? I should think they averaged about two sound limbs per man but they played good, cheery, military music, and I always stopped to listen, and then donated.

rashbre said...

I like the banjo idea. Bluegrass and celtic with beards.

The Christmas tree is surprisingly symmetrical like something from Alice.

Its also reassuring to know that even santa goes a bit headless around Christmas.

Come to think of it, so did Charles I (King).

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: the name rings a bell but I don't remember them. My memory isn't what it was.
I do remember some wonderful musicians on the Underground.

Rashbre: Lovely comment. Tee hee!