Monday, December 13, 2010

Grey, cold and clinical?

Or touchy feely pleasure?
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Keith said...

I love my Sony eReader for the following reasons:

1. You can carry up to 300 books in it, so I've always got something to read in the doctors and dentists waiting room, on the bus and even in those long checkout queues.
2. It doesn't slam shut when you loosen your grip on it like these modern paperbacks.
3. I'm not into "touchy feely pleasure" now. Well, not with books anyway.
4. The best bit. I can download books that are out of copyright for FREE!

Now my bookcase is virtually empty. More room for all those grotesque ornaments that people by me for Christmas.

Have a good Christmas, and think of me in the Workhouse on Christmas Day with my bowl of gruel. . .

Keith said...

"by me for Christmas". Sorry, it's my age. Should read "buy me for Christmas".

Pat said...

Keith: golly you are quick off the mark and thank you for the input. I'm possible going to discover that the whole world owns one and I've just heard of them. Must try harder.
I'm trying very hard to picture you and your gruel but I know you better:)
I'd love to buy you for Christmas but MTL might object:)

Kim Ayres said...

I'm afraid I have no experience at all with these things.

But I would guess there is probably a feature which would allow you to increase the size of the text on the screen, which would be an added advantage for when the glasses have been mislaid.

savannah said...

i love books, sugar, but if someone gave me one of these, i'd probably use it. xoxox

Granny Annie said...

My sister and my sister-in-law love their Kindles. My problem is that I am addicted to audio books and love to be read to as I do my house work. I use portable players with headphones for books on CDs or cassette tapes. I would probably enjoy books on one of those ipods more than a kindle.

Our mother was an avid reader and as she got older the books became more cumbersome for her. We all wish the Kindles had been around for her use. She would especially have enjoyed the ability to enlarge the print size.

Pat said...

Kim: yes that would be an advantage.

Savannah: decisions decisions! I think I'm going to sit on this for a while. I really need a good working hand bag re Christmas presents.xoxox

Granny Annie: if I listen to audios in bed I always fall asleep. No bad thing. A book in bed is still something of a ritual

Mike and Ann said...

I too prefer REAL books, but I like the idea of taking a dozen or so old favourites on holiday in a device smaller than a slim paperback; and I like the idea of reading in bed without even a bedside lamp on to disturb the sleep of one's bedmate (I suppose they can be read in the dark?).

P.s. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Who could resist reading a book with a title like that. And the book lived up to its title!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Give me Touchy Feely, PLEASE....!!

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: I think it was Z who said it wasn't backlit but you can have a light fixed on it.
I think I am waiting for someone to be a guinea pig and try it out.
I can't wait to start the book with the long title.

Naomi: every time;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm I'm not so sure about the Kindle - I don't think I've ever seen one, but my fiancé has had an Irex e-reader for a year now and it's actually quite nice. You can enlarge the font size if needed, and as you mentioned it's ideal for big books. Some books still aren't available digitally though, and they're not always cheaper. You also have to make sure you get an e-reader that doesn't have a back-light, as that will make the reading more tiresome on the eyes. I would recommend an Irex, but I think they went bankrupt a few months ago.


David said...

give me paper and ink for now. If I ever get full time on a sail boat then the space and weigh savings MIGHT win me over. I love my books, even when I do not read.
Pray for mom, please. She is so very quiet and seems so ready for heaven.

Pat said...

Wontlet: oops - there's another name I'm not familiar with. This is a real learning curve. Good point about the back light, sometimes my computer screen makes my eyes go blurry.

David: of course your mother and you will both be in my prayers. God bless.

angryparsnip said...

I like the whole experience of the book. The cover art, feeling the paper, turning the pages, looking at the illustrations...
I dislike the feel of the the Kindle. It is uncomfortable for me to hold. With my eye problems I would rather listen to a book than struggle with a kindle.
I don't read in bed I like to sit in my comfy chair so that is not a problem.

I think people who use a computer are more likely to use the kindle and I see the advantage of storing many books in a small place when traveling but I love seeing my books and being able to pull one out and start to reread on a whim.

That is also why I don't use the computer for my art... I love the feel of the pencil, inks or brush on the paper.

I will be interested to hear what you decide.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Parsnip: I take on board all you say and apart from reading in bed I agree with you. I also enjoy opening the parcels from Amazon when I treat myself to a book whethr old or new.
I have decided to leave things as they are for now and get a much needed serviceable hand bag.

"Sunshine" said...

My husband bought a Kindle, but it didn't last long. He's back reading BOOKS that he can feel, touch and smell.
Myself? I don't want one.
I have an IPod and that does it for me.

Pat said...

Sunshine:I need to investigate Ipod and Sony ereader - when I've finished the decorations.