Friday, April 02, 2010

Techie stuff and garden

This is my new acquisition - it makes everything faster and ensures I'm on line as soon as I boot up. It's a router and will find a way when all else fails. That plus extra memory means I'm saving hours of frustration and can open lots of windows without giving the 'puter a nervous breakdown. So far so good.

The garden is waking up; this magnolia is a Stellata

Grape Hyacinths can be a menace but it's a pretty blue

Close up of the Stellata.
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Eryl Shields said...

The Magnolia is gorgeous. Magnolias always make me think of Southern Belles.

I have a router just like that only mine's black, it's jolly good.

angryparsnip said...

Lovely Garden...
The Desert is in bloom here and although very different from you, quite lovely too.

I am thinking I need a new router, my home is a true "dead zone" the cable people cringe when they have to come here.

Happy Easter !

Pat said...

Eryl: and mint juleps. I wonder if Savannah drinks them. I think the router plus the memory is giving fresh blood tom;y aged 'puter.

Parsnip: thank you and to you. A router is worth investigating. I'd never heard of them before but things have certainly speeded up. sorry about mistakes - I've got drops in my eyes.

Kevin Musgrove said...

We're still a couple of weeks shy of the magnolias opening. My sister's old house had a wonderful 30-year-old stellata in the front. The people who bought the house cut it down so's they could put a skip there. (sigh...)

Pat said...

Kevin: the stellata opens early. This one is quite old - I had to move it from it's original position and it has thrived ever since.
What vandalism to destroy a stellata.

savannah said...

i LOVE your garden! re the mint juleps, those are really a kentucky drink and not really a georgia favorite! i love the cups, as they're usually silver and gorgeous!

Pat said...

Savannah: there is so much to learn about different places. Maybe they are as different as Lancashire and Yorkshire - not obvious to the stranger but very real in fact. My knowledge of the south is limited to
Tennessee Williams. You could teach us;)xoxox

Kath said...

They are gorgeous! What a beautiful garden. :)

Pat said...

Kath ; thank you. It has improved since Karen came to work in the garden.