Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Orchid Lady

No this isn’t about the new organisation to publicise the problems which may befall (Heaven forfend) men’s bits but about my friend Joy. Just for once I went out without my camera – it’s turned bitter again – and Joy showed me her nine orchids – eight of which are blooming in beautiful shades. One is fifteen years old and has 21 flowers and a perfect arching stem.

We studied train timetables as we can’t seem to persuade the local coaches to go to Cheltenham so we could visit the fourth member of our quartet – Margaret - who has recently deserted us to be near her daughters. I’m sure we’ll work something out and meanwhile there are free phone calls at the week-end and we are reminded that Margaret is an inveterate letter writer.

Joy’s garden is the next best to Margaret’s old one so I must take my camera next time. Apparently the soil in Margaret’s new garden is thick clay and she and her husband have both done their backs trying to plant the hundreds of plants they took with them. They now realise they must have help with the digging and I’m pleased to hear that at last Joy has got a youngish, strong man to help with hers.

Garden update below.


Scarlet Blue said...

Clay is the worst.
Sunflowers are supposed to help - I can't remember why - I think it's something to do with their rooting system.

Pat said...

Scarlet: thanks for that I'll tell Margaret. It's also supposed (clay) to produce good roses.

Maggie said...

Yes, I used to love to garden. :)

Pat said...

Maggie: I don't do nearly so much hands on gardening now.

Eryl Shields said...

I used to garden in a heavy clay area and it is really hard work. However, once you've broken it up and dug in lots of organic matter – home made compost is brilliant – it produces spectacular results. And it really holds onto water.

What's that about men's bits?

kenju said...

I'll have to have a word with Bloglines, since it isn't telling me when you have updated!

I do wish you'd had your camera along - the colors of some orchids are so gorgeous. I'm impressed you know that men bits are referred to as orchids. After cytology school, I used to tell my boyfriend he's need an orchidectomy if he wasn't good.

Pat said...

Eryl: it's the breaking it up that worries me as their health has suffered since the move. However I think they are going to be sensible and get help initially and then their horticultural skill will reap rewards.
Orchis - testicle. Orchid is the name given to a charity for research into male cancer. See Kenju's comment.

Judy: Now I'm not the only one who forgets the camera:)
Re orchid - I still remember some of my nursing training.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Having done my back in last autumn (OK-ish now) I've every sympathy with them. Sunflowers do a good job on clay because they've got a strong root system you can leave in the ground when they're done and dusted. Most of the reason why potatoes help break up the clay is all the digging you have to do for them. If they like sunflowers and don't mind someone doing a bit of digging they could try Jerusalem artichokes.

Pat said...

Kevin: many thanks. That will all be passed on to them and helps to swell my not very newsy letter.