Thursday, April 15, 2010

How does my Garden Grow?

We planted tubs with bulbs in the autumn and these are Narcissus Double Inspiration
They are long-stemmed and these two were falling over so I cut them to enjoy indoors.

The magnolias rioting unlike the large Ilex which is normally in lime green buds by Easter.

The best view is from the balcony - they are so tall.
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mapstew said...

My neighbour has a magnolia in her front garden, it cheers me each time it blooms. :¬)

(The weather is still summery here!)


Pat said...

Mapstew: (The weather is still summery here!)
Just you wait!
Strictly speaking these magnolias belong to our neighbour but they are in our original garden which they chopped up - so I regard these as ours.

R. Sherman said...

Beautiful trees. Looks like you were going to get some rain.


Queenie said...


Pat said...

Randall: we don't seem to have had rain for days - I'm actually watering.

Queenie: how about photos of your garden. I expect it's bigger than mine:)

john.g. said...

Our magnolia is just bursting!

Pat said...

John.G: I know the feeling;)

Gadjo Dilo said...

Ah, lovely daffs. What sort of magnolias are those? I planted a very small m. soulangiana last year and it's just coming into bud - a bit late, but it would be great to get some flowers on it in the first year.

Pat said...

Gadjo: the nearest I can get is soulangeana - one pink , one white. I'm not good on names. I hope yours does flower this year - they are a joy.

nursemyra said...

How lovely - you are so lucky to live with such beauty in your garden

Pat said...

nursemyra: thank you. Time to go and sit in it:)